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angular bony and lean
dappled spotted
reel to go around and round
substance material quality
unaccountably without apparent explanation
herald a person who announces important news
double stade a footrace twice the length of a stadium
strigil an instrument used for scraping the skin after a bath
barbarian her, a member of a non Greek people
tunic a loose-fitting garnment extending to the knee
explicit plain,straight forward
design a plan
endow to provide with a quality or a talent
aptitude natural ability
humility lack of pride
titan one of a family of giants who were over thrown by the family of Zesus
beard to confront
caprice the quality of acting without planning or thinking
sustenance nourishment, assistance
sluice to wash
colomnaded having a series of evenly spaced columns
conduit a pipe for transporting fluids
treachery willful betrayal of trust or confidence
indignant filled with indignation
indignation anger that is a reaction to injustice or meanness
implore to beg
Amazon a member of a mythical tribe of women
centaur mythical creature with the upper body of a man and the lower body of a horse
haughty condescending proud
plaque to annoy
jeer to mock; to taunt
copse a patch of small trees or shrubs
sloven a person who is careless in appearance
nimbly quickly and lightly
dovecote a structure where tame pigeons are housed
curtsey to bend the knees and lower the body as a genture of respect
alight to land lightly as after flight
ingratiate to try to bring oneself into another favor
immortal undying;not subject to death
misfortune a piece of bad luck
scornfully disdainfully
vainly uselessly,; to no avail
contempt disdain
pine to waste
enchanted under a spell; bewitched
melancholy sadness, depression
rebellion organized resistance to governement or authority
reclaiming getting back' recovering
grievous painful;serious
bellow shout a deep voice; roar
realm kingdom
apprentice a person learning a trade
dismount to get down from a horse
inscription something written; carved , or engraved on a surface
pommel a knob on a hilt of a sword
hamage a display of loyalty and respect
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