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Midterm Computer IS

Electronic commerce is used to conduct business with business partners such as suppliers and intermediaries. This form of EC is commonly referred to as ________ electronic commerce. A) business-to-consumer B) peer-to-peer C) business-to-business D) co C
2) Which of the following statements is true about electronic commerce? A) Business-to-business is by far the largest form of electronic commerce in terms of revenues. B) It is limited to transactions between businesses and consumers. C) Electronic com A
3) Which of the following is an example of business-to-consumer electronic commerce? A) Brenda files her income tax online. B) A manufacturer conducts business over the Web with its retailers. C) Juan buys Kevin's guitar on eBay.com. D) Reuben buys a D
4) Which of the following is an example of consumer-to-consumer electronic commerce? A) Niobi makes an online deposit of $5,000 into her friend Carla's account because she needs financial help. B) Heath buys a gift for Vannessa from Amazon.com. C) Blan E
5) Ben buys an Olympus E-PL2 from Sony which starts malfunctioning. When he opts for an exchange, the customer representative says that an exchange or repair is not possible because the damage was of a physical nature and not covered under warranty. Which A
6) Which of the following is a result of global information dissemination? A) Firms link Web sites to corporate databases to provide real-time access to personalized information. B) Firms tailor their products and services to meet a customer's particula C
7) Which of the following actions explains mass customization? A) Firms tailor their products and services to meet a customer's particular needs on a large scale. B) Firms provide immediate communication and feedback to and from customers. C) Firms pro A
8) Which of the following is an advantage of using interactive communication via the Web? A) reduced transaction costs B) increased customer loyalty C) enhanced operational efficiency D) reduced brand dilution E) decreased cannibalization B
9) The phenomenon of cutting out the "middleman" and reaching customers more directly and efficiently is known as ________. A) gentrification B) demutualization C) reintermediation D) mutualization E) disintermediation E
10) Which of the following is an example disintermediation? A) Land Rover markets most of its four-wheel drives in high altitude regions where vehicles require more power. B) Dunkin' Donuts expanded its menu beyond breakfasts by adding hearty snacks tha D
11) ________ refers to the design of business models that reintroduce middlemen in order to reduce the challenges brought on by dealing directly with customers. A) Reintermediation B) Demutualization C) Gentrification D) Disintermediation E) Mutualiz A
12) Which of the following is an example of reintermediation? A) The black Centurian card is issued by invitation only to customers who spend more than $250,000 a year on other American Express cards. B) P&G acquires the list of parents-to-be and shower C
13) Companies following a ________ business strategy choose to operate solely in the traditional physical markets. A) click-only B) click-and-mortar C) brick-and-click D) click-and-brick E) brick-and-mortar E
14) Which of the following statements is true about firms pursuing a brick-and-mortar business strategy? A) These firms do not have physical store locations. B) These firms do not indulge in electronic commerce. C) These firms focus purely on electroni B
15) Which of the following statements is true about companies pursuing a click-only business strategy? A) These companies approach business activities in a traditional manner by operating physical locations. B) These companies operate in both physical a D
16) Which of the following statements is true about firms pursuing a click-and-mortar business strategy? A) These firms focus purely on electronic commerce to conduct businesses. B) These firms operate in both physical and virtual arenas. C) These firm B
17) Which of the following firms would most likely pursue the brick-and-mortar strategy? A) KEH.com is a used camera dealer that buys and sells cameras across the globe. B) Castro's is a watch manufacturing firm known for its effective mass customizatio D
18) Which of the following statements is true about firms pursuing a click-and-mortar business strategy? A) These firms learn how to fully maximize commercial opportunities in both domains. B) These firms can often compete more effectively on price. C) A
19) EZBiz, the brainchild of three college friends, is a startup venture which plans to produce and market sports gear. They are currently trying to decide between a brick-and-click strategy and a click-only strategy. Which of the following, if true, woul B
20) EZBiz, the brainchild of three college friends, is a startup venture which plans to produce sports gear. They are currently trying to decide between a brick-and-click strategy and a click-only strategy. Which of the following, if true, would most supp B
21) Which of the following statements is true about the revenue model? A) It emphasizes the utility that the product/service has to offer to customers. B) It analyzes the existing players in the market and the nature of the competition. C) It describes D
22) Which of the following questions should a manager consider while analyzing the "value proposition" component of the business model? A) How much are you selling the product for? B) How fierce is the competition? C) How do you plan to let your potent E
23) While preparing a business model, a manager considers the question, "How do you plan to let your potential customers know about your product/service?" Which of the following components of the businessing model is he/she considering? A) Revenue model C
24) Paying businesses that bring or refer customers to another business is known as ________. A) affiliate marketing B) subscription marketing C) viral marketing D) stealth marketing E) buzz marketing A
25) A collection of companies and processes are involved in moving a product from the suppliers of raw materials, to the suppliers of intermediate components, to final production, and ultimately, to the customer; these companies are collectively referred D
26) Prior to the introduction of the Internet and Web, the secure communication of proprietary information in business-to-business electronic commerce was facilitated using ________. A) enterprise resource planning B) electronic data interchange C) clo B
27) Which of the following statements is true about the extranet? A) It restricts the company's information from going "on the Web." B) It can be accessed only by employees within an organization. C) It contains company related information which all th D
28) Web-based technologies are cross platform, meaning that disparate computing systems can communicate with each other provided that ________. A) the computing systems have been manufactured by the same company B) the computing system manufacturing com D
29) Companies use ________ to secure proprietary information stored within the corporate local area network and/or wide area network so that the information can be viewed only by authorized users. A) firewalls B) phishing C) rootkits D) bots E) pharm A
30) Organizations primarily use extranets to ________. A) conduct market research B) manage their supply chains C) identify their target market D) control brand dilution E) manage public relations B
31) In the context of B2B supply chain management, ________ can be defined as access points through which a business partner accesses secured, proprietary information from an organization. A) bots B) forums C) portals D) rootkits E) hosts C
32) ________ can provide substantial productivity gains and cost savings by creating a single point of access where the company can conduct business with any number of business partners. A) Rootkits B) Pharming C) Bots D) Phishing E) Portals E
33) ________ automate the business processes involved in selling products from a single supplier to multiple buyers. A) Supplier portals B) Reference portals C) Customer portals D) Procurement portals E) Sourcing portals A
34) ________ are designed to automate the business processes that occur before, during, and after sales have been transacted between a supplier and multiple customers. A) Sourcing portals B) Reference portals C) Supplier portals D) Customer portals E D
35) ________ are set up as B2B Web sites that provide custom-tailored offers or specific deals based on sales volume. A) Sourcing portals B) Customer portals C) Procurement portals D) Reference portals E) Supplier portals B
36) What is the difference between customer and supplier portals and business-to-business (B2B) marketplaces? A) Unlike customer and supplier portals, B2B marketplaces cannot be classified as extranets. B) Unlike customer and supplier portals, B2B marke E
37) Markets comprised of firms operating within a certain industry sector are known as ________ markets. A) vertical B) parallel C) horizontal D) stipulated E) focused A
38) Which of the following statements is true about B2B and B2C payments? A) Most B2B payments are made through credit cards. B) Most B2C payments are made by checks. C) Most B2B payments are made through electronic payment services. D) Most B2B payme B
39) Credit cards and electronic payment services are not used for large B2B transactions because of ________. A) the risks associated with these services B) the complications arising out of these transactions C) preset spending limits D) the resulting C
40) Organizations implement intranets to support ________ electronic commerce. A) business-to-business B) business-to-consumer C) business-to-government D) business-to-employee E) consumer-to-business D
41) Intranets mostly affect the ________ of an organization. A) suppliers B) employees C) customers D) retailers E) advertisers B
42) ________ is used to facilitate the secured transmission of proprietary information within an organization. A) Intranet B) Transnet C) Ethernet D) Extranet E) Telnet A
43) Which of the following distinguishes an intranet from an extranet? A) An intranet looks and acts just like a publicly accessible Web site. B) An intranet uses the same hardware as a publicly accessible Web site. C) Users access their company's intr E
44) ________ are temporary work groups with a finite task and life cycle. A) Intensive forces B) Cross functional teams C) Task forces D) Staff committees E) Self directed work teams C
45) The term ________ refers to a class of software that enables people to work together more effectively. A) malware B) groupware C) freeware D) webware E) pestware B
46) Which of the following is an asynchronous groupware tool? A) shared whiteboard B) online chat C) intranet D) electronic meeting support system E) video communication system C
47) One of the benefits of groupware is its parallelism. Which of the following statements best explains this sentence? A) It keeps the group on track and helps avoid costly diversions. B) It can easily incorporate external electronic data and files. C E
48) Which of the following is a synchronous groupware tool? A) e-mail B) intranet C) group calendar D) online chat E) automation system D
49) Which of the following provides customers with the ability to obtain personalized information by querying corporate databases and other information sources? A) e-filing B) e-integration C) e-information D) e-transaction E) e-tailing B
50) The online sales of goods and services is known as ________. A) e-information B) e-integration C) e-tailing D) e-collaboration E) e-filing C
51) Which of the following occurs in a reverse pricing system? A) Customers specify the product they are looking for and how much they are willing to pay for it. B) Customers are provided with the product and its price. C) Customers are provided with a A
52) How do comparison shopping sites generate revenue? A) by charging a commission on transactions B) by selling their products C) by charging a virtual shelf-space fee to manufacturers D) by increasing the click-count on their site E) by charging di A
53) The concept of the Long Tail refers to a focus on ________. A) mainstream products B) broad markets C) generic brands D) brand dilution E) niche markets E
54) Which of the following is a disadvantage of e-tailing? A) It is limited by physical store and shelf space restrictions. B) It requires additional time for products to be delivered. C) It complicates the process of comparison shopping. D) It restri B
55) Which of the following explains Web analytics? A) conducting online marketing research to improve product quality B) analyzing Web sites in order to find the best one in its category C) tracking all online purchasers to try and increase their frequ D
56) Which of the following is a mechanism for consumer-to-consumer transactions? A) e-tailing B) e-integration C) e-filing D) e-tendering E) e-auctions E
57) ________ is a form of e-auction in which the highest bidder wins. A) Reverse auction B) Bartering C) Exchange D) Forward auction E) Request for quote D
58) ________ is a form of e-auction where buyers post a request for quote. A) A reverse auction B) Bartering C) An exchange D) A forward auction E) A request for proposal A
59) Which of the following forms of e-auction typically takes place on a business-to-business level? A) reverse auctions B) bartering C) exchanges D) forward auctions E) request for quotes C
60) Doug is a frequent visitor of online auction sites. He uses two different accounts to place a low followed by a very high bid on the desired item. This leads other bidders to drop out of the auction. He then retracts the high bid and wins the item at A
61) Which of the following types of e-auction fraud is associated with the sellers failure to ship an item after the payment has been received? A) bid luring B) bid shielding C) nonshipment D) shipping fraud E) payment failure C
62) If a company's Web site is listed in the sponsored list of a search engine, the search engine receives revenue on a ________ basis. A) pay-per-click B) pay-per-sale C) click-through D) pay-per-conversion E) click-per-visit A
63) Under the ________ pricing model, the firm running the advertisement pays only when a Web surfer actually clicks on the advertisement. A) pay-per-refresh B) pay-per-sale C) pay-per-click D) pay-per-conversion E) click-per-visit C
64) Click-through rate reflects ________. A) the ratio of surfers who visited the Web site divided by the number of surfers who clicked on the ad B) the ratio of surfers who click on an ad divided by the number of times it was displayed C) the percenta B
65) ________ allows individual Web site owners to post companies' ads on their pages. A) Bum marketing B) Stealth marketing C) Viral marketing D) Buzz marketing E) Affiliate marketing E
66) In a ________, a site hosting an advertisement creates fake clicks in order to get money from the advertiser. A) competitive click fraud B) irate click fraud C) network click fraud D) shill click fraud E) dedicated click fraud C
67) MakeYourClick is an online ad agency that is known for its ability to create ads which lure customers to purchase. Brenda, an ex-employee of the firm, was fired from the agency on baseless grounds. An angry Brenda inflates MakeYourClick's online adver A
68) ________ is used in order to have small, well-defined tasks performed by a scalable ad hoc workforce of everyday people. A) Nearshoring B) Insourcing C) Offshoring D) Crowdsourcing E) Homesourcing D
69) ________ is an example of m-commerce. A) e-auctions B) e-tailing C) e911 D) e-filing E) e-integrating C
70) Which of the following is an argument against digital rights management? A) It encourages unauthorized duplication. B) It enables publishers to infringe on existing consumer rights. C) It discourages publishers to control their digital media. D) I B
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