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Grade 9 Home Ec.

What do you use in bread to make it rise ? Yeast !
What is a good source of Anti-oxidents when baking ? Blue Berries !
True or False: you measure milk in a glass measuring cup ? TRUE!
What can you get Salmonella poisining from ? Eating raw meat or Eggs !
True or False: when you cut raw meat on a cutting board, you can use that same cutting board for your next thing to be chopped. FALSE ! the raw meat cutting board is to be put aside for meats only unless you wash.
Before opening a can what is the first thing you are to do ? Wash or wipe it !
After switching from one food to another you must always ? Wash hands !
When cooking beef medium rare what temp. do you turn the stove on ? 63 Degrees !
when measuring wet ingrediants, measure with a what ? A Glass measuring cup !
Before you start baking what is another thing you need to do ? Put on your apron !
Always be sure to tie your hair up or down ? UP !
"mise en place" Means ? To have everything measured and in its place before you cook
What are the 2 largest groups in Canada's Food guide ? Grain Products & Vegetables !
If a bag of frozen vegetables are opened and smell funny, you should ? Throw them out because they most likely have Freezer burn.
Do not use the products in a can if it is what? If the Can has a Bulge.
A great source of vitamins is ? Vegetables and Fruits!
Why do you wash knives seperatly from other utensils ? So you dont slice yourself
Why do you preheat your oven ? So it is ready and hot for your to be cooked meal
When bubbles are popping in hot water what does this mean ? The water is boiling
What is a Fillet ? a strip or compact piece of boneless meat or fish
Saute means ? To cook in a small amount of fat on top of the stove
To cut something into small even pieces ? Dice
Stir-fry mean ? To fry small pieces
To cut into non-uniform pieces ? To chop
To cook food usually over hot coals ? Grill
When seasoning meat fish or vegetables in a sauce ? Marinade
Created by: Doodlebop