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Software Engineering

How many different aspects are related to software design? 5
What is a life cycle model? Description of the steps that should be performed when building a software product
What are the six phase of the classical life cycle model? Require and implementaion
How many types of enhancement are performed in the post-delivery maintenance phase of the classical life cycle model? 2
If a client would like a change ot be made prior to the implementation of the software on the client machine, what would this be classified as? Classical Development
What is one way software developers reduce the cost of the software build? Reuse parts of existing software products
What is of the often seen problems when developers are working in teams to complete a software build? Lack of communication
Software engineering includes human aspects? True
What types of planning activities are performed when software is being developed? preliminary planning, SPMP, and Maintaning and monitoring SPMP for deviation
What is in a Software Project Management Plan? Budget, schedule, staffing
Why is there not a testing phase after the product is implemented? It is far to late to test at this phase
Why is there no documentation phase? Documentation is always being made from the beginning to the end
How much time and effort does a normal software development company spend on post-delivery maintenance? 70% to 80%
What is considered to be important in the object-oriented paradigm? Both attributes and Operations
What is an artifact when referring to a software product? Components such as; specification document, code, module or manual
The teams workflow and phase are synonymous when referring to the classical and object-oriented paradigm? False
What are the two sub phases of the design phase of classical paradigm? Architectural and Detailed
What is the best software development paradigm used today? Object-Oriented
The term Open Source refers to the availability to get what? Source Code
Who approves and certifies program code? Both IEEE-CS and ACCM
Software Engineers' need two types of tools. What are they? Analytical and Developing and Maintaining (CASE)
What is Stepwise Refinement? The means to postpone decisions on details until as last as possible to concentrate on the important issues
Cost Benefit analysis is always a straight forward approach? False
What is it 'okay' to make assumptions? When the assumption is in conjunction with the resulting estimates and it is accurately noted as an assumption
What is the meaning of NPV? Net Present Value
What is the oldest analytical tool used? Divide and Conqure
What is a problem of the Divide and Conquer technique? It does not tell us how to break up the software product into appropriate smaller components
When was the separation of concerns technique first established? 1974
without measurements (metrics) it is impossible to detect problems early in the software? True
What is an Operating System Front end? GUI/Human Interface
Variations and versions have the same meaning when dealing with software programming? False
A configuration is found when? A Specific version of each artifact from which a given version of the complete product is built
What is a Version Control Tool? A tool that maintains detailed records of deviations for every version of the product
Configuration Control during post-delivery maintenance using a team of programmers? Is difficult when programmer simultaneously maintain a product and Requires a programmer to create copies of artifacts
The team Freezes refers to what process? It allows the software to only be edited by a single person at a time. It maintains a logical step forward so that the same code is not edited twice
Once coding of an artifact has been completed, it should immediately be destroyed informally by the programmer? False
What is a Build Tool? A tool that assists in selecting the correct version of each compiled code Artifact to be linked to form a specific version of a product
An activity is a minor unit of work that has a beginning and an end? False
Explain your understanding of the Productivity Gains with using CASE technology? Better Communication and Version Control
What is the difference between a life cycle model and a life cycle? The model is a description on how to build the software and the life cycle is a series of steps in the build
What is the moving target problem? When affordability becomes problem, when the clients needs change, and product expansion
What is Miller's law? The theory that people can only process seven variables at one time
How many core workflows are used throughout a program creation? 5
How is the time and effort divided out over the work flows? 1/5 requirements and analysis, 1/5 design 3/5 implemnation
When is testing of the program completed? At the beginning and the end of each core workflow
What is the major object oriented methodology process used today? Unified Process
The Unified process uses a graphical language called Unified Modeling Language? True
What is the requirements workflow? Determining the clients needs
What is the analysis workflow? Achieve detailed understanding. maintainable and developable
What is the design workflow? how the product is going to work
What is the implementation workflow? Implementation of the target product
What is the test workflow? Connect artifacts and correct work
What is the reason of cost benefit analysis? To aid the client in deciding whether it is beneficial to computerize part of their business
Why are metrics used in development process? To detect problems early in the software process
Which of the following are fundamental metrics within the development process? Size, cost, and effor
What is the difference between fault and failure? Fault is human interaction and failure is software failure
What is the meaning of the acronym CASE? Computer aided software engineering
A CASE tool that creates copies of all versions and corresponding artifacts is? Version control tool
The date on which a work product is deemed completed is termed a milestone? True
What are the two main resources in a SPMP? People to develop software and the hardware to do it with
What is the smallest unit of work subject to manage accountability? Task
An task is a minor unit of work that has a beginning and an end? True
Since money is a vital component of the plan, what are the two main components included in a plan and why are they so important? Cost estimate and duration estimate
In the Requirment Workflow stage, the developer must determine what the client wants False
The overall aim of the Requirements Workflow? For the development organization to determine the client's need and to gain understanding of the application domain
What is an Application Domain? The specific environment in which a target product is to operate
What is a business model? A description of the business processes of an organization
What is a business model used for? It shows how the business works so that it can be understood by the developer
What is the term requirements engineering described? The process is performed during the requirements workflow
What is the term Requirement Elicitation mean? The process of discovery the client's requirments
What is the team requirement analysis mean? The process of refining and extending the program
A developer need to obtain a detail of understanding of the various business processes to properly develp automated software used in conjunction with the business processes? True
While interviewing, how many types of questions are asked from the requirements team? 2
Explain the difference between a closed ended the open ended question? Closed ended are yes and no questions while open ended start a conversation
What is the difference between a structured and non structured interview? structured is a set in stone very close ended interview while a non structured have a few preliminary questions and then see where the conversation takes them.
What are techniques used in conjunction with interviewing? questionnaire, observation and reviewing business forms
What is Rapid Prototyping? A hastily built software that exhibits the key functionality of the target program
What is the Acronym HCI stand for? Human Computer Interface
What does GUI stand for? Graphical User Interface
What is user-friendliness? Ease of human use of the software product
What should the HCI designers consider during a product build? Human Factors
What would be the final step in the Requirements workflow stage? Testing
What does the acronym OOA stand for? Object Oriented Analysis
What are the two primary aims of the Analysis workflow? Get a view point of the design and implementation workflow and Obtain a deeper understanding of the requiements
What are the class types of unified processing? Entry, boundary and control
Which are an entry class? Investment class and Account class
what are the 3 steps carried out by the entry class extraction? Functional modeling, entry class modeling, and dynamic modeling
what are the 2 forms of scenarios when using software? Normal and Exception
What is and Abstract Noun? Syntax that identifies thing having no physical existence
Statechart is a description of the target product similar to a finite state machine for each class? True
What is and event loop? A loop of events that a software program takes
The user interface class models only user interfaces? True
The primary goal of the analysis workflow is to produce a specification document? True
What is a role? Is the interaction of an individual with the software
What is the term worker stand for in conjunction with software programming? It is used to denote a particular role played by an individual
What are the challenges of object oriented workflow? It is easy to cross the line into design and not just analysis
What is the purpose for an interaction diagram? To depict the realization of a specific scenario of a sue case
The last step of analysis workflow is to draw up the software project management plan? False
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