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Micro1 Test2a

Practice for Microbiology 1 test on antimicrobial drugs

The use of ANY chemical/drug to treat ANY disease or condition is called ? chemotherapy
Any drug used to treat any condition or disease is called ? chemotherpeutic agent
Any chemical/drug used to treat an infectious disease is called ? antimicrobial agent
A substance produced by microorganisms to kill or inhibit the growth of other microorganisms is called ? antibiotic
Some antibiotics are man-made, or __. synthetic
Antivirals are not technically antibiotics. But they can be called anti-__? antimicrobials
Who is the father of chemo? Paul Ehrlich
Paul Ehrlich discovered ? salvarsan - treats syphilis
Penicillin was discovered by ? Alexander Fleming
The ideal antimicrobial agent can kill or inhibit pathogens without damaging the ? host
Antimicrobials must kill the pathogen before it mutates and becomes __. resistant
What are the 3 classes of antimicrobial drugs? 1. antibiotics 2. synthetic 3. semisynthetic
What kind of antimicrobial is partially made from both an antibiotic made by a pathogen and one that's synthetic? semisynthetic
Skin infections are usually due to gram __ bacteria. positive
UTIs are usually due to gram __ bacteria. negative
What kind of antimicrobial treatment targets gram positive or gram negative bacteria? narrow spectrum
Penicillin targets __. peptidoglycan
Name 4 antibiotics that affect cell wall synthesis. 1. penicillin 2. bacitracin 3. vancomycin 4. cephalosporins
What type of antibiotic is used to treat TB? rifampin
Name 2 antibiotics that inhibit nucleic acid replication/transcription. 1. quinolones 2. rifampin
Competitive __ work as antimetabolites. inhibitors
What are the 5 mechanisms of action for antimicrobial agents? 1. inhibit cell wall synthesis 2. damage cell membranes 3. inhibit nucleic acid synthesis 4. inhibit protein synthesis 5. inhibit enzyme activity
What antibiotic has a molecular structure almost identical to penicillin? cephalosporins
What kind of enzyme breaks down penicillin and is used by bacteria that are resistant? betalactamase
What type of antimicrobial targets both gram + and gram - bacteria? broad spectrum
The problem with broad spectrum antimicrobials is that kill __ __ as well as pathogens. natural flora
Created by: IsaacJ