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English 9

How many common errors are there? four
Never use a double _________ in a sentence negative
Who wrote To Sir With Love? E R Braithwaite
What is the prominent theme of To Sir, With Love? racism
Who does Mr. Braithwaite fall in love with? Blanchard
What student has a crush on Mr. Braithewaite? Pamela Dare
What do the students call their teacher? Sir
How are the boys instructed to refer to the girls as? Miss
Who is the funny teacher? Clinty
How does Mr. Braithwaite earn the respect of his class? boxing match
Who does Mr. Braithwaite fight? Denham
Inherit the Wind was based on? Scopes Monkey Trial
What theory did Charles Darwin create? evolution
What belief opposed evolution? creationism
The Scopes Monkey Trial occured in what state? Tennessee
Who was the teacher who spoke about evolution? Bertram Cates
Who is the famous lawyer that comes to Cates' defence? Henry Drummond
Inherit the Wind (the play) is set in what town? Hillsboro
Who is prosecuting Cates? Matthew Harrison Brady
Who is the writer that comes to Hillsboro? Hornbeck
Which word does Mr. Harvey despise? aint
Created by: laura_b_430