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Unit 2: IT

Information Technology

Input Anything that puts information inside a computer
Processing The act the computer performs when it receives information
Output A device that receives or displays information from a computer
What is the most common computer problem? Computer Cables
Storage A hardware device capable of holding information
Troubleshooting The process of solving a problem or determining a problem to an issue
Hardware The parts of the computer you can touch
Function of Hardware to process information
Examples of Word Processing Software Microsoft Word, Google Document, Notepad, Wordpad
What do we use word processing software for? Write papers, create title pages, create resumes (any text document)
What does it mean to BOLD a word? Make it appear bigger and darker
What does it mean to UNDERLINE words? Put a line under the text
What does it mean to italicize text? Slant the letters
What are bullets? Characters or graphics (usually circles or squares) that appear before each item in a list
In Microsoft Excel, what is a worksheet? One page in the Excel document.
In Microsoft Excel, what is a workbook? The entire Excel document.
In Microsoft Excel, what is a cell? The box where a row and column meet
In Microsoft Excel, what is an active cell? The selected cell.
In Microsoft Excel, what are rows? The numbers - they go left and right
In Microsoft Excel, what are columns? The letters - they go up and down
What is presentation software? Software used to give a presentation
What is slide show view? The view that shows you what your audience will see (full screen).
What are the shortcut keys to copy? CTRL + C
What are the shortcut keys to paste? CTRL + V
What are the shortcut keys to cut? CTRL + X
Created by: misskline