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JFH Scholar Bowl-1

Binder pages 1-3

Germany invaded this country 9/1/39 to start WWII Poland
Morale building bombing of Tokyo and other cities 4/18/42 Doolittle Raid
Doolittle Raid's B-25 bombers took off from this carrier Hornet
The turning point of the war in the Pacific; June 1942 Battle of Midway
The turning point of the war in North Africa; November 1942 El Alamein
2 generals at El Alamein Bernard Montgomery/Erwin Rommel
Place invaded in Operation Husky (7/43) Sicily
Place invaded in Operation Overlord (6/6/44) Normandy, France (D-Day)
Place invaded in Operation Avalanche (9/43) Italy
Place invaded in Operation Torch North Africa (Morocco)
Place invaded in Germany's Operation Barbarossa Soviet Union
Effort to make the atomic bombs Manhattan Project
Lead the Manhattan Project Oppenheimer
Hitler's mistress/wife Eva Braun
Pacific sea battle (10/44), largest naval battle in history Leyte Gulf
Final battle of Pacific Okinawa
Fleet admiral of US Pacific Fleet Chester Nimitz
Commander of US Army forces in Pacific Douglas McArthur
What McArthur said when he left Phillipines "I shall return"
French defensive line built against Germany Maginot Line
German for "lightning war" Blitzkrieg
Period of no fighting from 9/39-10/40 Phony Way (sitzkrieg)
where the May 1940 evacuation of 338 thousand British troops from France took place Dunkirk
May 1940 Dunkirk evacuation name Operation Dynamo
Hitler's planned invasion of Great Britain Operation Sealion
July-October 1940 air battle between Great Britain and Germany Battle of Britain
2/13-14/1945 bombing of this city destroyed it Dresden
German defenses in France against Allied invasion in Germany Atlantic Wall
Fast, tough powerful Soviet battle tank T-34
US battleship on duty 12/7/41, 1/2 of Pearl Harbor casualties Arizona
US battleship where Japanese surrendered Missouri
Soviet city that survived 1000 day siege Leningrad
Bloodiest battle of the war, turning point in East Stalingrad
German defensive line in Italy Gustav Line
Key position in German line in Italy, 400 year old monastery destroyed here Monte Cassino
Code names of the 5 beaches in Normandy Utah, Omaha, Gold, Sword, Juno
Overall Allied commander in Europe Eisenhower
German defensive line in Italy Gustav Line
Key position in line, 400 year old monastery destroyed here Monte Cassino
Japanese suicide planes Kamikazes
Largest land battle 12/44, last try to win war for Germany Battle of the Bulge
Town held by 101st Airborne in center of the German offensive in the Battle of the Bulge Bastogne
Hitler's book written in prison Mein Kampf
Mein Kampf was dictated to this man Rudolf Hess
11/23 attempt by Hitler to start a new government Beer Hall Putsch
Parliament building burned by Hitler to get emergency powers Reichstag
Group blamed for the burning of the Reichstag Communists
Early 1930s German president Paul von Hindenburg
Term for unification of all German-speaking people Anschluss
Term for gaining living space for Germans liebensraum
This country was sold out at the Munich AGreement( 9/38) Czechoslovakia
Western region of that country given to Germans for Anschluss Sudetenland
Term associated with this agreement of giving in rather than fighting appeasement
"Little worm" from Britain who signed this agreement Neville Chamberlain
Early paramilitary group of the Nazis; replaced by SS SA
Leader of Nazi Germany's SA until murdered Ernest Rohm
Name of the members of the Nazi Germany's SA brown shirts
political purging/murdering by Nazis- June/July 1934 Night of the Long Knives
event that began the Holocaust Night of Broken Glass/Kristallnacht
nickname of German General Erwin Rommel Desert Fox
Nickname of US General George Patton Old Blood and Guts
Soviet name for World War II Great Patriotic War
line of latitude demanded by Polk for Oregon territory 54 degrees, 40 minutes
highest tariff in US history Hawley-Smoot tariff
Ancient Sumerian writing cuneiform
in Hinduism and Buddhism; state of perfect peace, soul is free nirvana
time of unity peace and stability in Rome 27 BC-180 AD Pax Romana
Sumerian temple/pyramid ziggurat
period with rising unemployment and inflation; Nixon ad Stagflation
Spanish word for group that governs country after coup junta
term where industry can only hire union members closed shop
ancient writing using wedge-shaped characters cuneiform
law where state agencies and programs must be reviewed by legislature sunset laws
Russian for "traveling companion", name of the first artificial satellite Sputnik
largest concrete dam in US Grand Coulee
world's tallest living thing the Mendocino Tree
currency in Poland zloty
currency in Phillipines peso
loose confederation of cities in late 1100s in northern Germany Hanseatic League
name of Russian sub that sunk summer 2000 with 118 aboard Kursk
US satellite launched in October 1985 that flew by Venus Galileo
space shuttle that fixed the Hubble telescope Endeavor
number signers on Declaration of Independence 56
event that marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar Hegira
4 students where killed at this university on May 5 1970 by National Guardsmen Kent State University
2 US space probes that reached Mars in 1976 Viking I and Viking II
1850 US law requiring northern states to return runaway slaves Fugitive Slave Act
religion of Celtic Britain and Gaul Druidism
name for the 4 holy books of the Hindus Vedas
tallest building or structure in 1900 Eiffel Tower
term referring to a very harsh, unusually severe punishment Draconian
name for Muhammad's "flight" from Mecca to Medina Hegira
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