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Un Souvenir

chérir to cherish
propre clean
sale dirty
coiffé to have one's hair done
un copain/une copine un(e) ami(e)
gronder to scold
les jouets toys
sinon if not, otherwise
rater to miss (to fail)
insupportable(s) unbearable
il faut (que) it is necessary (that)
un rang a row
debout standing
assis(e)(s) seated
autour de around
la caisse box, case
la cave basement
rigoler = s'amuser to have fun
la lumière light
étonné(e)(s)=surpris surprised
lâcher to let go of
le front forehead
faire les guignols to clown around
salir to get dirty
grave=sérieux(sérieuse) serious
la figure face
le bocal fishbowl/jar
mouillé(e)(s) soaking wet
être en colère=se fâcher to be angry
pousser to push
coincé(e)(s) stuck
mordre to bite
cesser=arrêter to stop
crier=hurler to yell
la tache a stain
le dos back
empêcher to prevent
se mettre à=commencer to begin, to start
pleurer to cry
se moucher to wipe one's nose
pauvre(s) poor
dommage too bad
le fantôme ghost
Created by: Mme McAndrew