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Photoshop Chapt 2&3

Vocabulary Words

An area in a image that is surrounded by a marquee that you can drag. Selection
The ability to see through a layer so that layers beneath it are visable. Opacity
Variation on arrangement of layers layer comp
A series of dashed lines that surrounds the area you want to edit or move to another image. Marquee
Displays all the individual layers in an open file. Layers Panel
Appears to the left of the layer name and contains a miniature picture of the layer's content. Layer thumbnail
Allows you to organize your layers on the layers palette. Layer group
Merges all visible layers into a single background layer and discards all hidden layers. Flattening
A section within an image that can be manipulated independently Layer
Photoshop records each task you complete in an image here. History panel
The direction in which an image appears on the page Orientation
The image is printed with the shorter edges of the paper at the top and bottom. Portrait Orientation
The image is printed with the longer edges of the paper at the top and bottom. Landscape Orientation
A feature that affects a layer's underlying pixels, and is used to lighten or darken colors. Blending mode
A layer containing one or more images Object layer
Used to combine multiple image layers into a single layer in order to make specific edits permanent. Merging Layers
Type layers turned into uneditable text. Rasterize
The layer that's currently selected. Active layer
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