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VMware VCAP5-DCA Exam

ESXCLI command for VIB install esxcli software vib install --depot
Connect to a host with PowerCLI Connect-VIServer -Server vcenter01 -User admin -Password pass
Store you credentials in PowerCLI New-vicredentialstoreitem -host -user "root" -password "football2009"
Add a server to VIFP vifp addserver dr-esxi-02 --authpolicy fpauth
VMware CLI command to show the current SNMP configuration 1. --server hostname --username admin --password abc123 --show
Enable SNMP on a host with VMware CLI --server --username root --password Football2009 --enable
List all vSwitches with the vicfg command Vicfg-vswitch -l
List all network adapters for a host with vicfg command Vicfg-nics -l
list claim rules for a host when you are SSH in to a host esxcli storage core claimrule list
Show current SATP esxcli storage nmp satp list
esxcli claim rule for satp esxcli storage nmp satp rule add -s VMW_SATP_CX -d naa.5000144f60f4627a
In the vMA join AD sudo domainjoin-cli join cei\administrator
Show list servers in the vMA for vifp vifp listservers
Storage filter that prevents you from adding a LUN that already exists on another datastore config.vpxd.filter.vmfsFilter
Host rescan filter name config.vpxd.filter.hostRescanFilter
vscsiStats command to show all hosts and their world ID vscsiStats -l
Start vscsiStats for a particular world id vscsiStats -s -w 657454
show vscsiStats for latency with a world id of 123456 and export to the tmp directory of a host as a csv file. vscsiStats -p latency -w 123456 -c > /tmp/latenctstats.csv
run esxtop and export to a file esxtop –b –d 5 -n 10 > output-perf-statistics-file.csv
where do you add the syslog collector server ip address for a host configuration-advanced settings-syslog-globalloghost
where do you enable SplitRX mode on a vm edit the vm- go to options tab-general settings--click on the configuration parameters button.
where do you enable SplitRx mode on a host configuration tab--advance settings-net-netsplitrx
Modify the Max amoount of NFS mounts configuration-advance settings-NFS- NFSMavVolumes
Created by: edutz1014
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