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Film & Critical Term

Film Studies

Associations Other ideas that come to mind as we see, hear or think about a certain thing - eg we might see the colour green and think of Ireland
Camera Angle The height of the camera in relation to the subject. It can be higher than, lover than or level with the subject.
Camerawork The technical codes associated with the movie camera, including Shot Distance, Camera Angle, Focus, Movement and point of View
Choreography A term used to cover the movement of the characters in a scene in relation to each other and to the camera
Close-up A shot showing only some of the features of the subject. In the case of a person, often the facial features.
Composition The way an action or scene is framed by the camera. Elements like Lighting, Position in the Frame, and Camera-work have to be considered
Cross-cutting A sequence of action that moves between two or more scenes that are filmed independently of each other but appear on the screen alternately giving the impression of parallel action.
Cut One shot finishes and another appears immediately on the screen
Dialogue The words spoken by the characters in a film. Strictly speaking the speech between two characters
Director The 'author' of a film. The person with overall artistic responsibility for getting the film made
Directory of photography The chief cameraman or cinematographer
Created by: kathy.mullen