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Year 9 Youtest 1

Test yourself on what you have done so far.

What are pinking shears used for? To neaten seams to stop them fraying.
Give TWO properties of cotton denim. strong, hard wearing, washable, comfortable, absorbent, cheap, creases easily, flammable.
Define components on a textile product. The components on a textile product are everything except the fabric.
Name a fastening that is suitable for using on children's clothes. Give your reasons why. Velcro because it is safe and easy to fasten.
What is tailor's chalk used for. Name one property of tailor's chalk. Tailor's chalk is used for transferring markings on to fabric. It can be rubbed off of the fabric.
What is a seam allowance? This is how wide your seams will be.
What is the usual seam allowance when constructing a textile product? 1.5cm
Why mustn't you use fabric shears on paper? Because it blunts them.
Name some decorative components. Lace, beads, buttons, studs, ribbon.
What are pins used for? To hold fabric together before sewing it.
Why is it better to use a measuring tape rather than a ruler when constructing textiles? A measuring tape can measure around curves.
Name TWO types of weave. Plain and twill weave.
How can you tell that a fabric is twill weave. You can see diagonal lines of weave on the fabric.
In weaving, what is the name of the yarn that weaves from right to left? The weft yarn.
In woven fabrics what is the name of the yarn that goes along the length of the fabric. The warp yarn
In a woven fabric, what is the diagonal direction of the fabric called, and what does it do? It is called the bias, and it stretches.
When you sew through two layers of fabric with wadding in between what is this technique called? Quilting.
Created by: Highcliffe