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Greek and Latin Root

Greek and Latin Roots

aud to hear
bene well, good
capit/capt head
cent hundred
circ around
corp body
cred to believe, trust
dict to speak
aer air
arch ruler
aster/astr star
auto self
bio life
chron time
flec/flex to bend
form shape
fract to break
geo earth
ject throw
jud judge
junct to join
cosmo universe
cycl wheel
derm skin
eco house
gram letter
graph writing
lum/lus/luc light
man hand
mar/mer sea
mini small
mort/mors death
ped foot
port to carry
quer/ques seek
scope see
scrib/script to write
sect/sec cut
spect to look
spir to breathe
struct to build
tang/tact to touch
vert/vers to turn
vict/vinc conquer
vid/vis to see
viv/vit live
voc voice, to call
volv roll
vor to eat
zo/zoo animal
hyder water
hyper over, beyond
hypo below, beneath
logo word, reason
meter/metr measure
micro small
mono one
nym name
phe/phem to speak
phil love
phon sound
photo/phos light
pod/pus feet
scope viewing instrument
sphere ball
techn art, skill
tele far
therm heat
tract/trac to pull
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