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unit 2

computer an ekectronic device that reccives processes and stores data and produces a results
personal computer a computer that is used by one person at a time
central processing unit a small chip that performs calculations and carries out all instryctuons given to a computer
bit the smallest unit of information always either a 1 or 0
byte a byte is 8 bits and is the building block for all other units od information
hardware the physical devices that make up a computer system
input information entered into a computer
output the information a computer delivers back to the user
random-access memory the temporay information that a computer uses only when it works with a particular file
read-only memory the permanent information on your hard drive
storage device hardware that saves data onto a hard drive a server or a disk
software copyrighted software that is available free of change usually on a trial basis and with the condition that users pay a fee for continued use and sopport
operating system the overall program that controls all the other software programs and allow hardware devices to work propley
network a group af computers sonnected together
drive largest storge are
folder place ro save and organize files
file collection of data
save as command used to duplicate or copy a file
shourtcut icon that is a direct link to a file or folder
keyboard word or words keyed into a search box that matches the topic youre looking for
content search to seek out info from a list of categoies and topics
keyword search to seek info through a database like help and support topics by keying in word or phrases that match your topic
Created by: makaylaleighann