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Some Wildflower

Target Study for Microscope parts

Who is the author of this book? Jamie Langston Turner
What ironic name is given to the newspaper in Filbert? The Nutshell
What is Margaret Tuttle ' s job? She runs the cafeteria at Emma Weldy Elementary School.
Why did Margaret's grandfather tell her to "refrain her lips?" He did not want her to tell anyone he was molesting her.
What is Birdie doing when Margaret first meets her? Playing for Mayfield's funeral.
How long have the Tuttles been married? 16 years
Margaret tends to hold on to the past. How do you see this as she prepares the lunchroom workers for the beginning of school? She refers back to an accounting error that occurred three years before, and reminds the staff that she found grease on some equipment five years before.
How are Francine and Algeria opposites? Francine is always cheerful and Algeria is surly.
How long had Vonnie Lee, Francine, and Algeria been a team? 10 years.
What does Birdie do that makes Margaret feel she knew her job? She scrubs the grout in the backsplash with bleach.
To what does Margaret attribute the changes in the work environment? Birdie - her singing, her gentle attitude
To whom does Margaret compare Birdie ' s husband, Mickey? Ross Perot
How did Margaret come to work at Emma Weldy Elementary School? She came to Filbert to break all ties with her past life, and walked into the office just as the 3rd grade teacher went home sick, the librarian had a migraine, and a lunchroom worker walked out. She was offered the lunchroom position.
In chapter 3 Margaret finds a small child's shoe and remembers the feeling of a small foot in her palm. She recalls a poem in which an unborn fawn is sacrificed for human safety. What does this foreshadow? Her pregnancy and the birth of a child she loved and lost.
How do Margaret and Birdie differ in their approach to shoe problems? Margaret does the minimum required to neither help nor hurt, while Birdie actively helps the child. Margaret holds herself apart, while Birdie seeks relationship.
How does Birdie begin to affect Margaret? She becomes less curt with others, and unable to hold herself aloof from them.
How did Margaret's mother die? She was killed in a freak accident at work.
Why did Margaret refuse to open the door to her neighbor who came to take her to the hospital? Her mother had told her never to open the door for anyone but her.
Would Margaret's mother have wanted her to live with her parents? No. She spent her life running from, and hiding her daughter from her parents. This is most likely why Margaret was home schooled, to keep her hidden and safe.
Margaret's grandfather was an elder in his church. What was her response to this? She hated her grandfather, and rejected his religion.
Who first gave Margaret the idea of writing the book? Joan suggested that writing things down would help her deal with the past.
How old was Tyndall when he died, and what happened to him? Tyndall was four, and he pulled a boiling pot of water over on himself.
When did Margaret reveal her past? On the way to dinner and a show with Thomas, Birdie, and Mickey.
What caused her to tell her history? Mickey asked why she wouldn't go to church.
What was Birdie ' s response to hearing of her pain? Everyone suffers. Christians to not suffer alone. God uses our suffering for good.
When does Margaret finally begin attending Birdie ' s church? She goes to Birdie's funeral.
How does Birdie die? Mackey has a heart attack while driving, and she is killed instantly in the accident.
What is revealed at her funeral? Birdie never had a mother to love her. She was raised in an orphanage and a series of foster homes. She was never able to have children, and experienced a failed adoption.
How does Margaret defend herself after telling of Birdie's death? She reminds the reader that she always referred to Birdie in the past tense, commented at the beginning on the sadness of her story, and mentioned Birdie ' s proximity to the graveyard.
What does Margaret quote as her theme? Now remain faith, hope, and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.
To what would Margaret attribute the healing of her deepest wounds? Love, revealed by her first and greatest friend, Birdie.
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