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Intro to Windows

7 most common hardware components of a desktop computer monitor, modem, system unit, mouse, keyboard, speakers, printer
Keys that perform certain actions alone or in combination with other keys...they include CTRL, ALT, Windows Logo Key, & ESC Control Keys
Group of keys used to enter numbers quickly Numeric Keypad
Used for moving around in documents/webpages and editing text. Includes arrow keys, HOME, END, PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN, DELETE, INSERT Navigation Keys
Three types of special keys Function, Numeric Navigation
Most important processing component fount is the system unit CPU, Central Processing Unit, brains of the computer, microprocessor
Which finger do you use to click the left button on the mouse? Right index or pointer finger
The function keys begin with ____ and end with ____. F1 and F12
What key do you have to press to make the Numeric Keypad work? NUM LOCK
The 5 groups of keys based on functions the keyboard can be divided into are: typing/alphanumeric keys, control keys, function keys, navigation keys, & numeric keypad
Alphanumeric keys include: letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols
The arrow on the screen that follows the movement of the mouse is the... pointer
Four basic ways to use your mouse... clicking, double clicking, right clicking, & dragging
Small device used to point and to select items on your computer mouse
Used mainly for typing text into your computer keyboard
To connect your computer to the Internet, you must have a... Modem
The core component of the computer system System Unit
Displays information in a visual form, using text and graphics Monitor
Types a letter in uppercase or type a symbol..you will use Shift + a letter or number Shift
Types letters in ALL uppercase Caps Lock
Moves cursor forward several spaces Tab
Moves cursor to beginning of the line or to a new paragraph Enter
Moves cursor forward one space Spacebar
Deletes the character before (left of) cursor Backspace
Ctrl + S Save
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + A Select All
ESC Cancel the current task
Moves cursor one space in the direction of the arrow Arrow Keys
Moves the cursor to the beginning of the line or top of a web page Home
Move the cursor to the end of the line or bottom of a web page End
Deletes the character after (right) of cursor Delete
Created by: aware