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story 10,11 & 12

raised children grown up (both hands)
when happen/time
this/and now
to look at look x3
and age era with ("t")
while sure
it has never never
one #1/tree
in the past/would before
of the things things
is much different different
was/would what
a lot of this realize
appears seems
they her family/family they
of the television t-v
related explained
before ndh palm facing right dh palm facing left ndh moves left
made for her made
got thier learned
begin start
news information
to do can change
close to near
from/lies in how
so why
especially read
with now+have
as to want
in all all
to be exposed face/face on drugs
pick out/choices pick /chose
must faster younger
discrimination against
out the very best best
made available for
to them children
December arrived Christmas
among socialize
is true biz
since/and the efforts/to be due to because
lacking less
no one none+ them
had/exists have
still stay
female members women them
feel think
could can
that the answer how solve
all the different
to their problem against
goods/these food
educating teach
being made cook
from birth born
too same
on to/was growing up grow up (one hand)
would be used as for for
individuals people
possible can can
she/that she mom/point
for what they are themselves x3
rather than exchange
remembered looked back
religious beliefs r off shoulder
or list 3
been since
amoung socalize
sew/knitt/crochett signs
Created by: ericawashere