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the skin remains intact but underlying tissues suffer damage closed wound
the integrity of the skin is damaged open wound
the integrity of the skin is compromised and there is no loss or destruction of tissue and there is no foreign body in the wound simple wound
tissue is lost or destroyed or a foreign body remains in the wound complicated wound
wound edges can be approximated and secured. heal by first intention clean wound
a dirty object damages the integrity of the skin, can become infected within a short period of time. contaminated wound
scrape- abrasion
bruise- contusion
cut or tear- laceration
penetrartion- puncture
heat or cold- thermal
these persists for an extended period of time chronic wounds
the body's protective response to injury or tissue destruction inflammation
the lag phase in 1st intention takes how long 3-5day
this stage of repair controls bleeding through platelet aggregation, delivers blood to the injured site through vessel dilation, and forms epithelial cells for repair lag phase
true of false: during lag phase tensile strength is gained? false
this stage begins 3 all the way to day 20. only 25-30% tensile strength is gained proliferation phase
cicatrix is called scar
these are the largest of sponges laps
used in laparotomy or throacotomy laps
some times called tapes or packs five in a pack laps
smaller and less absorbent 4x4 ratec
these are not permitted during a laparotomy ratec 4x4
must be on a sponge stick and there is only 10 in a pack ratec 4x4
these are sometimes referred to as neuro surgical sponges patties or cottonoids
these are used with suction in the neural tissue patties or cottonoids
cotton filled gauzes with a string attached tonsil
these are used in tonsillectomies tonsil
there is five in a pack and must go on a tonsil clamp tonsil
dissecting sponges small rolls of cotton tape kitner
used in blunt dissection loaded on a pean and have five in a pack kitner
small gauze sponges used for blunt dissection or fluid absorption peanut
these are used for temporary coverage of open wounds due to trauma, burns, or skin ulsers biological dressing
integra, demragraft, and apligraf are all what kind of dressing biological dressing
______layer dressing is used to cover a small incision from which drainage is expected to be minimal one layer
these cover IVs one layer
______may be applied to the wound and allowed to dry forming a seal over the incision. peds pt collodion
_______spray may be used to aid in keeping the skin closure tapes in place benzoin
________ a liquid skin adhesive applied by surgeons to close wounds dermabond
_______is used to cover any size incision from which drainage is expected three layer
what is a simple three layer dressing band-aid
____layer covers the wound completely and remains in direct contact with the wound inner
_______ non permeable dressing is a fine mesh gauze that has been impregnated with an emulsion occlusive nonpermeable
vaseline gauze xeroform gauze are examples of occlusive nonpermeable
this is air tight and watertight seal, nonadherent can be used in a chest tube occlusive nonpermeable
_______ dressing is a hydrocolloid or hydrogel semi permeable semi-occlusive
this dressing is used to create a mechanical surface allows for passage of air and fluids semi permeable semi-occlusive
this dressing is used on burns and decubitus ulcers semi permeable semi-occlusive
______ dressing is a non adherent material used to draw secretions from the wound permeable nonocclusive
telfa and adaptic are what kind of dressings permeable nonocclusive
this dressing is also called a wicking action, painless removal of this dressing permeable nonocclusive
______layer is placed over the contact layer to absorb any drainage or secreations intermediate(absorbent)
2x2 and 4x4 gauze sponges toppers sof-wick, fluffed gauze kerlix abd pad intermediate absorbent
a_____ is applied to one side of a structure to provide support and prevent unidirectional movement splint
a_____encircles a body part to provide support or prevent any type of movement cast
extends from the axillae to the hips to immobilize the lower thoracic and lumbar veretbrae body jacket
cylindrical cast of the lower extremity that has a polyurethane sole or rubber heel added to allow for ambulation walking cast
secured to the torso to support the hip or shoulder in the desired postion spica cast
extends from the head (incorporating the mandible while exposing the face) to the hips to immobilize the cervical and upper thoracic vertebrae minerva jacket
this kind of dressing is sutured into position aka could be a skin graft bolster dressing
wet gauze is applied to the wound and allowed to dry. a way of debridement wet to day dressing
wet gauze is applied to the wound and is chaged before it dries wet to wet dressing
applied over an intestinal stoma to contain excretions ostomy bag
gauze sponge that is manufactured of fashioned with a scissors Y shape drain dressing
a drain dressing is placed around a _____ tube trache
oval-shaped gauze applied over the eyelids to retain medication and keep the lid closed eye pad
rigid oval shield applied over the eyelid to protect the eye from pressure or trauma eye shield
used to absorb vaginal or perineal drainage perineal pad
these are used to remove fluid or other objects such as stones and thromi catheters
Robinson and a Coude are what kind of cathaters non reataing
foley balloon is filled to how many cc 8-10
pezzer and malecot are what kind of catheter superapubic
this is a balloon tipped catheter used to retreat thrombi fogarty
this tube passes through the nose or the mouth and into the trach of an unconscious pt et tube
inserted through the mouth to separate the jaws and depress the tongue oral airway
nasal trumpet nasal airway
trachea via the neck tracheotomy tube
_____allow a pathway for fluid or air to move from an area of high pressure to one of lower pressure passive drain
latex drain used by capillary action or wick penrose
placed within the biliary system it drains bile via gravity into a specialized collection unit called a bile bag t-tube
make use of negative pressure manually or mechanically active drain
two examples of an active drain are: water seal and chest tube
orthopedic hemovac
abdominal procedure and neuro and mammoplasty jackson pratt
otho reducing dead space battery operatied evacation stryker
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