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french 1-3

aimer to like
de'tester to hate
danser dance
dormir to sleep
e'couter de la musique to listen to music
e'tudier to study
faire de l`e'quitation to go horseback riding
fairless magasins to go shopping
faire le me'nage to do homework
faire du sport to do sport
lire read
nager swim
parler au telephone to talk on the phone
parler francais to speak french
parler to speak, to talk
regarder ta te'le' to watch television
sortir avec les copains to go out with friends
voyager to travel
manger to eat
chanter to sing
danser to dance
jouser au tennis to play tennis
jouer au basket to play basket ball
jauer au foot to play soccer
jauer aux jeux d`ordinator to play computer games
travieller to work
marcher to walk
babiter(a') to live
organiser une fe'te to organize a party
visiter to visit places
subject pronouns
je i
tu you
il he
elle she
on they, we, people
nous we
vous we all
ils they(males, males and feminines)
elle they(feminine)
regular-er verb form
j'aime i like
nous aimes we like
tu aimes you like
vous aimes you all like
il aimes he likes
ils aiment they like
elle aime she likes
elles aiment they like
on aime we like/ people like
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