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AVID College Glossar

AVID preparing for college Glossary

ACT A college entrance exam that measures English, math, reading, and science reasoning. Scores range from 1 - 36 along with a composite score. An optional writing test is offered.
Advanced Placement(AP)tests Designed for students who have completed college-level work in high school, AP tests are given in specific subject areas and are used to determine if a student may gain advanced standing in college.
Admission The decision to allow a student to enter a college or university.
Application A formal request for admission to a college or university; requires the submission of forms and other materials.
Award Letter A financial aid letter or document indicating the amount and type of financial support the school is able to provide for the upcoming year.
Class Rank A student's approximate standing in her/his graduating class, based on grade point average (e.g., 72nd in a class of 410; in the "upper fifth" of the class.
College Entrance Exam Standardized exam used in the admission process to predict the likelihood of a student's success in college
Credit Hour Unit of value given to college classes denoting the amount of time a student will invest in formal instruction. Credit hours may be used to determine part-time/full-time course loads. Numbers of credit hours in areas of study required for graduation.
Degree The rank or title given by a college or university to a student who has met certain academic requirements.
Diploma Certificate issued by a school, college, or university to a student who has met coursework and graduation requirements.
FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Form required by government for application to any federal education aid program. This determines specific federal student aid programs for a student's college financial aid package. HS seniors should submit as early as possible after Jan 1st.
Grade Point Average (GPA) An indicator of the student's overall scholastic performance.
Grants Awards are usually based on financial need and do not require repayment. Grants are available through the federal govt,state agencies,private organizations, and educational institutions.
Letter of Recommendation (LOR) An assessment of the student's aptitudes, abilities, and interests, written by a teacher or counselor and used by colleges and universities in the admission process.
Major The subject of study in which the student chooses to specialized; a series of related courses, taken primarily in the junior and senior years of college.
Post-secondary Opportunities that are available after graduation from high school (secondary school); usually refers to colleges and universities in the admission process.
PSAT Preliminary SAT. Enables students to practice for the SAT Reasoning Test.
Scholarship Financial aid based on merit and/or criteria set by the donor. This award money does not have to be repaid and is either paid directly to the student or deposited in a university account.
Standardized Tests Tests such as the ACT and SAT that provide college admission officers with a comparative standard for evaluating a student's academic aptitude and likelihood of success in college.
Transcript The official record of high school or college courses and grades; generally required as part of the college application.
Work/Study Money earned in a job obtained through the help of the college's financial aid office. Hours and location of the job are compatible with academic life and school schedule.
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