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Pro School Uniforms

Controversial Issue

Pro School Uniforms
For some years now, parents, students, administration, and the school board have been debating on if school uniforms should be mandatory for all schools or not.
Statistics show that schools that require the students to wear uniforms have made the school a safer and more controlled learning environment.
Therefore, all schools should make it mandatory for students to wear uniforms.
School uniforms should be required for all schools because it has been proven to have increased school safety.
“Pro-uniform parents say that choosing the clothes you want to wear only worked because schools used to be safer.
Now that kids are getting mugged for their designer clothes and expensive sneakers, school uniforms seem a safer alternative to many.
Furthermore, uniforms prevent gang members from wearing gang colors and insignia to school, and make it easier for security guards to spot intruders.” (Boyd).
Secondly, school uniforms should be required for all schools because it will let the students focus only on their education and not on the latest fashion trend.
Rachel Berman, a graduate from a private high school that required uniforms, says, “the uniforms contributed to a more sedate, professional feel that I think made it easier to focus on school.”
Firstly, do uniforms really violate or “hinder” the students freedom of expression? Truthfully, that argument is quite weak. Students are free to dress however they wish during non-school hours.
Wearing a uniform 5 days a week for almost 7 hours won’t hurt or “hinder” the students self expression, it will actually help them prepare for the “adult world”.
Schools are a learning environment, not a fashion show. And the uniform is not violating freedom of self expression, its giving the students a chance to be a whole and not discriminate those who may not be able to afford some clothes that others wear.
. If anything, school uniforms could really give the students a chance to get to know a person by their personality, not what they wear.
Secondly, uniforms might cost more when you are first buying them, however, you only need a few shirts, a few pair of shorts, some socks, and maybe some pants for when it gets cold.
But when you are having to buy regular clothes, which will probably be brand name clothing, and usually parents buy new clothes each year, its going to end up being more expensive. Uniforms, however, can be reused and recycled.
They aren’t gender specific, so instead of having to get 2 separate wardrobes, the uniforms can be passed along to someone else.
Also, schools that require uniforms pay for the uniforms for the students who can not afford them. Therefore, uniforms are actually cheaper.
In conclusion, having uniforms be mandatory for all schools will help the students focus on their education instead of the fashion trends and increase the schools safety.
Created by: hmwilson97