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story 7,8 & 9

voiced wordsigned word
over over flat ndh dn goes upward
to a cheaper reduce +money+ throw away
is now
and I both
thinking over mull over
budgetary money + exchange
to pay for pay
are having experience
courses dirt+spread
apartment #apt
entertainment enjoyment+ things
effective successful
difficult problem/hard
problems lacking
arrived at the conclusion decided
employment word
rent/bills monthly/fs
would either 2 fingers wiggle-touch both
at one time a before
has have
have to have to+ list
education degree
cart drive )cl)
guaranteed promise
popular 5 fingers dh twist on index finger of ndh
it seems compare/seems
or list #2 or f/s
paying money + collect
sport fs
position lex #job
thin of the past change now
for why
that by the time finish
the American dream goal
among here
that would will
pay pay me
that same
Americans American + agent
had attained goal + succeed
achieve goal + succeed
it gold
is considered really
who lead everyday
we both
and are not not
utility fs +electric
paid/to pay for pay off ndh
in fact true biz
any money money
is the only only
left over left over
of them American people
to for for
sedentary lazy
of course understand
bought groceries buy food list #2
this exercise
and list 3
purchase buy
Created by: ericawashere