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B.A. Grade 6 Music

Which band is known for selling a single album the most? The Eagles
Which band is known for selling out a Stadium Concert the fastest? The Beatles
Who came second for selling out a Stadium Concert the fastest? Guns N' Roses
How many symphonies is Beethoven famous for? Nine
What is the leading amplifier brand in today’s music? Marshall
What is the leading guitar brand in today’s music? Gibson
Who has released the most albums as a single artist? Elvis
Which band holds the record for having the most US album sales? The Beatles
The interval between one musical pitch and another with half or double its frequency. Octave
The most common scale used in music. Chromatic Scale
The most common key used in music. Key of E
What is believed to be the greatest song of all time according the The Rolling Stone? Hint: Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone
The speed or pace of the given speed is known as the? Tempo
These symbols represent or define the pitch range of the staff in which it is placed. Clef
Series of symbols found throught a line of music are called? Notes
These symbols define the meter of the music. Time Signeratures
These symbols represent how the note is played throughout the piece. Accents
These symbols represent the modification of the pitch pattern for a certain note. Ornaments
These signs enclose a passage that is to be played more than once. Repeat Signs
Singing without the aid of a musical instrument in the background is known as? A capella
This is the name for notes that are quickly played after eachother, such as on a harp. Apreggio
Rapido means to play the notes_________? Fast
Rapidly repeating a slight alteration of the pitch of the note. Hint: very familiar with guitars. Vibrato
A person who writes and directs the performance of the music. Composer
A piece of music that is performed by two or more performers. Duo/Duet
Another word for the "category" of the music. Genre
Another word for the "words" to the song/poem. Lyrics
A number featuring one artist. Hint: A guitar_____ Solo
The second lowest note of a triad or seventh chord. Third
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