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assignment 2

folk ballad, ballad stanza, common meter, hymm meter

3 types of ballads are part of universal tradition of anonymous folk narratives, songs, which were trtold and revised over many generations
folk ballad expressed the interests and attitudes of the community as a whole, often at the expense of the upper class
why are folk ballads also known as "public poetry"? because they were either sung or recited to the group at large and not intended to be written down or distributed. (most illiterate)
folk ballads "structural patterns", "formulaic devices" help to aid the memory of both performer and audience. examples are repetition, stock phrases, dialogue rather than exposition.
folk ballads: incremental repetition the repeating of a stanza with the addition of new info that advances the story.
what does the folk ballad typically focus on highly dramatic episodes (usually tragic) which is often a climax of events that have occured earlier.
how is the narrative revealed in folk ballads in a succession of brief scenes, giving the effect of an exciting economy of action and event. rarely more than broad details of character, setting, or psychological motivation.
ballad stanza a quatrain of alternating lines of iambic tetremeter and trimeter. with a ryme scheme of abcb or abab
the ballad stanza is a specific "form" of poetry characterized by pattern, meter, and ryme scheme. the folk ballad itself is thought of belonging to a genre of poetry in that is has no specific form.
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