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Art test4&5

ch 4&5 test

What is it called when staring at any saturated color fatigues the receptors in our eyes, which produces a ghostly afterimage in the mind. After Image
What is it called when small patches of different colors are close together, & the eye may blend them to produce a new color. Optical Color Mixture
what is an important feature in the painting of Georges Seurat? Optical Color Mixture
What is it called when mirror image of Shapes/Forms on either side of an imaginary axial dividing line. Symmetrical Balance
What is it called when two sides that do not correspond to one another in size, shape, and placement. Asymmetrical Balance
Who is known for refraction of light? Sir Isaac Newton
What is the Refraction of light? Sunlight rays passed through a prism, and the rays of sun broke up or (refracted) into different colors. which were arranged in the order of the colors of the rainbow.
What are the basic principles of Linear Perspective 1. Forms seem to diminish in size as they recede. 2. Parallel lines that recede seem to converge towards a vanishing point, where they appear to disappear on the horizon line.
What is color mixing and the visual effects of specific color combination? (associated with the color wheel, primary, secondary colors Color Theory
Colors arranged in a circle (colors of the rainbow) Color Wheel
What type of colors are Red, Yellow, and blue. Cannot be made by any mixture of colors Primary Colors
what are the colors made by mixing 2 primary colors together?., ie: Red + Yellow= Orange. Secondary Colors
What kind of colors are Made by mixing a primary color with an adjacent secondary. Ie: Yellow + Green= Yellow-Green. Tertiary Colors
What is it called when colors are opposite on color wheel. Complementary Colors
What are 3 shading techniques? Hatching, Cross Hatching, and Stippling.
What are closely spaced parallel lines called? Hatching
What are parallel lines intersect like a checkerboard called? Cross Hatching
What are dots spaced close or far apart to suggest darker or lighter areas called Stippling
What is positive shape called? Figure
What is negative shape called? Ground
Who was the Mona Lisa painted by? Leonardo da Vinci
Who painted "The Scream"? Edvard Munch
What is it called when the viewer’s attention will be centered more on certain parts of the composition than on others? Emphasis
What is a less visually interesting area called? Subordination
What is defined as a path traced by a moving point? Line
What are the emotional effects of a horizontal line? (How does it appear)? They appear calm
What are the emotional effects of a vertical line? (How does it appear)? They seem assertive, or denote growth & strength.
What are the emotional effects of a diagonal line? (How does it appear)? They are the most dramatic and imply action.
Who is the creator of the Vitruvius Man? Leonardo da Vinci
What is the size in relation to a constant or “normal” size called? Scale
What refers to size relationships between parts of a whole or between two or more items perceived as a unit? Proportion
What schemes are associated with water, sky, and foliage? Cool Color Scheme
What color scheme is blue, green, and purple associated with? Cool
What schemes are associated with sun, fire, and earth? Warm Color Scheme
What color scheme is red, orange, and yellow associated with? Warm
Which artist is most known for kinetic art? Alexander Calder
What is Kinetic Art? Art that has motion
Who is known for developing the mobile? Alexander Calder
what is contrasts of light and shadow? Chiaroscuro
What time period was Chiaroscuro developed? During the Renaissance
Created by: nunielister