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Name the Antibody 1

Practice on antibodies for upcoming Immunology 1 test

Which antibody binds complement only by the alternative pathway? IgA
Which antibody binds to allergens? IgE
Which antibody does the majority of the work? IgG
Which antibody is found in mucosal areas, such as the gut, respiratory tract and urogenital tract? IgA
Which antibody triggers histamine release from mast cells and basophils? IgE
Which antibody is found in saliva, tears, and breast milk? IgA
Which antibody is expressed on the surface of all B cells as a monomer? IgM
Which antibody protects against parasitic worms? IgE
Which antibody is small enough to cross the placenta to give passive immunity to the fetus? IgG
Which antibody is a pentamer in its secreted form? IgM
Which antibody often eliminates pathogens before there is sufficient IgG? IgM
Which antibody is the 2nd most predominant in the blood serum? IgA
Which antibody only represents about .2% of all antibodies in the serum? IgD
Which antibody typically causes mast cells, eos, and basos to degranulate when its antigen is detected? IgE
Which antibody represents about 5-10% of all the antibodies in the serum? IgM
Which antibody causes allergic reactions? IgE
Which antibody only "lives" in the serum for about 10 days? IgM
Which antibodies are held together by a J chain? IgM, IgA
Which antibody enhances clearance through crosslinking? IgG
Which antibody is responsible for type 1 hypersensitivity? IgE
Which antibody has 10 paratopes that can bind 10 epitopes, but often binds fewer than 10? IgM
Which antibody is protected from proteolytic enzymes that allow it to survive in the harsh gastrointestinal tract environment and provide protection against microbes that multiply in body secretions? IgA
Which antibody is a monomer in its secreted form? IgD
Which antibody is produced through somatic mutations that result in weakened affinity? IgM
Which antibody is 2 dimers held together by a J chain? IgA
Which antibody has only been found in mammals? IgE
Which antibody deals with parasitic worms and protozoans? IgE
Which antibody rises highest the first time the host has been exposed to a pathogen? IgM
Which antibody is NOT an opsonin? IgE, IgD
Which antibody plays a part in anaphylactic shock? IgE
Which antibody typically rises highest the 2nd time the host has been exposed to a pathogen? IgG
Which antibody exists in lowest concentration in the serum? IgE
Created by: IsaacJ