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chapter 2

2 consumer laws .consumer protection act 2007 .Supply of goods and services act 1980
Non-legislative way of solving a conflict media Negotition Trade association ombusman
function of the small claims court It provides a fast and easy way for consumers to resolve disputs without the need to employ a solicitor
the role of the ombudsman to settle a dispute. there are three types banks/insurance/public sector
Consumer Protection act 2007 Its the law that protects consumers from unfair business to consumer comercial practices. The act bans practices that are unfair, misleading or aggressive towards consumers and are likely to impair a consumers choice
the consumer act 2007 - prohibits false product descriptions of goods goods must not be sold wit a false trade description. it applies to ads, shop notices or anyclaim made by a sales person written or verbal
merchantable quality sellable quality i.e for the price you pay goods need to be of reasonable quality
main provisions of the consumer protection act 2007 prohibits false & misleading advertising prohibits false & misleading pricing prohibits false & misleading description of goods
Contract Is an agreement between 2 parties that the law recognises and will enforce
Consideration something of value that passes between 2 parties
Acceptance When you accept the offer written/oral or emplied
Legality of form It must be in writing
Capacity to contract Over 18, Not drunk and not insane
Consent Both parties must have consented to the contract
Intention social agreements are not included
National consumer agency Investigate Retailers who break the law/ enter premises/ solve dispute
Negotiation Talk to sales assistant, Outline the problem the assistant should solve the problem
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