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Unit 2

Unit 2 for sports medicine test

NATA National Athletic Trainers Association
CSCS Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
M.S Master of Science
ACSM American College of Sports Medicine
CEUs Continuing Education Units
PT Physical Therapy
PTA Physical Therapy Assistant
DPT Doctorate of Physical Therapy
APTA American Physical Therapy Association
ATC Certified Athletic Trainer
AMA American Medical Association
NSCA National Strength and Conditioning Association
RD Registered Dietetic
MD Medical Doctor
ADA American Dietetic Association
AAOS American Association of Orthopedic Surgerons
OT Occupational Therapist
MPT Master of Physical Therapy
What is Athletic Training? The division of sports medicine that deals with the care and prevention of athletic injuries and the management of the training methods used for professional or amateur athletes and the active population
What is the Sports Medicine Team composed of? (7) physician (doctor), 2.Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), 3.Coach, 4.Athlete, 5.Athlete's parents 6.Administration, 7.Community health facilities
Responsibilities of the team physician: (3) Captain of sports medicine team, he or she makes all the FINAL decisions about an athletes medical care, and at NO TIME can an athletic trainer overrule the physician
Responsibilities of the ATC? Organizes the sports medicine team by serving as the communication link between the athlete, coach, physician, and parents.
Responsibilities of the coach: -should be trained in CPR and First Aid, Help prevent further injury to an athlete,maintain equipment, Refer athlete to medical provider, Not allowing them to play until cleared to do so
Responsibility of Athlete -responsible to carry out the instructions of the Physician, Athletic trainer, or coach -Must make someone aware of their injury
Responsibilities of the parents. -must be informed of any injury that occurs if the athlete is a minor -must be notified immediately if an emergency occurs
Responsibilities of the school administration. -the activities director (athletic director) should be made aware of all injuries that occur during sporting events -responsibilities for the safety of the facilities
What are community health facilities. physical therapy hospitals special-hand. orthopedic surgeons, primary care physicians drug testing know when to PUNT
Name characteristics for an athletic trainer. -first aid, CPR, and other emergency skills -adapt to weather, be flexible -dependability -common sense -good personality -basic skills (listening, communication, organizational, ect) -interest is sports and helping others
Name some places ATC’S can work. -professional sports -collegiate sports -high schools -sports med clinics -hospital ER -Fitness Center -Physician office
Name some responsibilities of an ATC. Organizes the sports medicine team by serving as the communication link between athlete, coach, physician, and parents -prevent injuries -perform protective, taping, padding, & bracing -plan and supervise injury rehabilitation -rehabilitate athletes
How do ATC's get certified? -must graduate from an accredited program- Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree -certified in CPR/AED for professional Rescuer -must pass the national athletic training exam -must get 800 hours of supervised training under a current certified ATC
What is an ATS? How do they assist the ATC? STUDENT- college students enrolled in an athletic training program under the supervision of an ATC -can help with taping, bandaging, overseeing rehab, use therapeutic modalities, organize forms, clean facility, set up water
What can student athletic trainer aides do to help their ATC? AIDE- study first-aid and CPR, nutrition, exercise, and rehabilitation, anatomy, and physiology -stock first aid kits, ice chests, cover practices, maintain cleaniness of training room, help with treatment of injuries and taping WE ARE AIDES
Why is record keeping important? -Used as a tool to prevent injuries -meant to protect YOU first of all -Meant to protect the team and school
3 important forms include: ~ pre-participation physical evaluation ~emergency insurance car ~consent form
Why is it important for ATC’s to do the right thing when treating athletes? -because it is public medicine and they could be sued for doing something stupid
What is the importance of a pre-participation physical? -purpose of the form is to find out if the athlete has any preexisting injuries or illnesses that the medical staff need to know about
What does the emergency insurance information and consent care provide? -provides all insurance information that health providers would need to treat an injured athlete -provides emergency contact information for athletes in case of injury -gives health providers permission to treat an injured athlete
What does the risk acknowledgement and consent form provide? -used to inform parents of any risks their athlete may take while participating in the sport and gives permission for the athlete to participate—Assumption of risk -Releases the school of liability if someone gets hurt playing sports
Sports Medicine is… -Public medicine-performed in front of crowds -Witnesses if something goes right OR wrong -Consent form does not protect you from negligence
Assumption of risk acceptance of responsibility for the risks involved in the participation in a given activity
Athletic training student/aide Athletic training students follow a detailed curriculum and are supervised and assigned duties by certified athletic trainers. Aides are exploring interest in the profession and assist the athletic trainer or athletic direction at their schools.
Hydrated possessing water or fluid especially in the tissues
Liability legal responsibility to perform duties in a reasonable and prudent matter
Created by: hcpsescobarsm
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