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Key Terms 1

Certified athletic trainer allied health care professional educated and trained in the prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries
Health maintenance organization group health care plan that provided a predetermined, prepaid medical care benefit package
National Athletic Trainers' Association a-not-for-profit organization, with more that 27,000 members nationwide, that is committed to the advancement, encouragement, and improvement of the athletic training program
Physical Fitness Program a method of exercise designed to prepare an individual to become physically able to do the activities he or she wishes to do in daily life, without causing undue physical stress
Physical therapy assistant an individual who has earned a two-year associate's degree and in involved in clinical tasks, such as patient care and recording treatments, under the direct supervision of a physical therapist
Physical therapy aide an individual who is not licensed but is able to perform clerical tasks under the direct supervision of a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant
Athletic training The division of sports medicine that deals with the care and prevention of athletic injuries and the management of the training methods used by professional or amateur athletes and the active population
Board of Certification The certifying organization for the athletic trainer
sports medicine the branch of health care that deals with evaluating athletes and preventing and treating injuries. These athletes will range from wheelchair basketball to the extreme skier
strength and conditioning specialist a professional member of the sports medicine team who evaluates existing levels of fitness and athleticism, along with helping increase the strength and endurance of an individual or team with promoting a healthier lifestyle
therapeutic modality the use of heat, cold, or electrical stimulation to produce an increase or decrease in blood flow
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