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Chapters 3 & 4

Numbers generated with the _______ module are not truly random. random
When an if structure's condition is _______, its associated block is skipped. false
An ____ structure is useful for repeating a section of code if
In Python, using indentation to indicate code blocks is ________ required
Exactly one block of code of an __________ structure will always execute if-elif-else
Any value, of any type, can be treated as a ________ condition.
Liberal use of break and _______ statements can help make the logic of a loop less clear continue.
An _______ is something you write to plan the logic of a program algorithm.
What symbol is equivalent to the not equal to comparison operator? !=
> is what kind of operator? comparison
not is what kind of operator? Logical
A(n) ____________________ operator compares two values. The result of such is either True or False. comparison
A(n) ____________________ condition is a larger condition formed by joining simpler conditions. compound
The ____________________ logical operator joins two conditions to form a single condition that’s False only if both original conditions are False. or
The ____________________ logical operator joins two conditions to form a single condition that’s True only if both original conditions are True. and
A section of code associated with a loop that’s executed while the loop’s condition is True. body
A set of clear, easy-to-follow instructions for accomplishing some task algorithim
C.A convention used for accessing part of an object, such as a function from a module dot notation
A file that contains code meant to be used in other programs. module
The process used to rewrite algorithms in more detail so that they’ re ready
for implementation. stepwise refinement
An expression that evaluates to either True or False. condition
Examining the execution of a program and its internal values in single steps. block
A section of code indented to form a single unit. block
Something between English and a programming language. pseudocode
The act of a program taking one path of code instead of another branching
________ are files that contain code meant to be used in other programs modules
_______ your programs, even the small ones, will almost always result in time (and often frustration) saved. planning
____________________ access is access to elements of a sequence in order. sequential
____________________ access is direct access to any element of a sequence. random
A(n) ____________________ is an element of a sequence member
The ____________________ operator tests for element membership in a sequence. in
The ____________________ function returns the length of a sequence len()
Another name for Unchangeable is ______ immutable
To move through a sequence, in order. iterate
An immutable sequence of values of any type. tuple
A name that is associated with a value not meant to be changed constant
A single item in a sequence element
A copy of a continuous section of a sequence slice
The process used to access a specific element of a sequence. indexing
An ordered list of elements sequence
Value that represents nothing. none
Another name for mutable is ______ changeable
The ______loop repeats part of your code based on a condition while
This type of looping structure will repeat part of a program based on an ordered list of things, repeating the loop body for each element of the sequence, in order. for
________ make programs clearer and save retyping and possibly errors from mistyping constants
_____ is a special value for representing nothing and evaluates to False when treated as a condition none
_________ can contain elements of any type tuples
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