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sh.speare&lit. terms

about shakespeare and lit terms of a tragedy

(blank) the repetition of the same initial consonant sound in 2 or more consecutive or closely associated words
(blank) a reference to a literar/historical person/event to explain a present situation EXAMPLE: "she hath Dian's wit", spoken by Romeo, showing Rosaline's vow of chastisy.
(blank) a brief remark made by the chara. and intended to be heard by the audience but not by other char.s EXAMPLE: the balcony scene, when Juliet doesn't know that Romeo is there
(blank) a humorous scene/speech in a serious drama which is meant to provide relief from emotional intensity and, by contrast, heighten the seriousness of the story. EXAMPLE: Mercutio (when he talks to the nurse); the nurse (when she talks to Juliet)
(blank) a hint of what is to come in the story. Often used to keep the audience in a state of expectancy. EXAMPLE: right before Romeo, Mercutio & Benvolio go to the capulet's party, he says something about "hanging in the stars" and "untimely death".
(blank) The term used to describe words/phrases that appeal to the senses. may create images, but not all images are figures of speech. EXAMPLE: romeo saying he wished he were the glove on her cheek.
(blank) a contrast btwn what is and what appears to be. When a chara. says one thing and means another
(blank) a contrast btwn what is and what appears to be; when the audience knows what the characters do not.
(blank) a figure of speech that implies/states a comparison btwn 2 unlike things. EXAMPLE: Juliet is a holy shrine, Juliet is the sun, Paris (man of wax) is a book.
(blank) a contrast of 2 contradictory terms for the sake of emphasis. EXAMPLE: Tybalt (prince of cats) & Benvolio (peacemaker)
(blank) figure of speech that states a comparison btw 2 essentially unlike things using like or as.
(blank) a speech given by a character alone on the stage, to let the audience know what the charac. is feeling/thinking. EXAMPLE: when Juliet is waiting for the nurse to come back with info. from Romeo
(blank) type of drama of human conflict which ends in defeat and suffering. often main charac. has fatal flaw, leads to destruction.
(blank) April 23, 1564 in Statford on Avon;;;died april 23, 1616 (52nd birthday)
(blank) John Shakespeare-glover; Mary Arden (Daughter of John's landlord, got house with dowry)
(blank) dropped our of school 13 years old, bc father went broke wanting to get the family coat of arms.
(blank) 10-12 adult MEN only, 6 boy apprentices. needed patronage of a nobleman
(blank) origionally the Lord Chamberlain's Men, became The King's Men (King James, or William of Orange)
(blank) good voices, competent swordsman, musicians, good memory
(blank) made first by Richard&John Burbage in 1576. 3 stories, open top, groundlings, changing rooms on top.
(blank) Verona, Italy
(blank) ill-fated; unlucky
(blank) exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, catastrophe <-because it is a tragedy and ends in death.
Created by: amazingxgrace