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lesson 10 hea

apperance an personilization catagory control panal window that provides options to personilze desktop
clock language and region catagory control panal window that contains options to change the kanguage your system uses; the date, time, or timezone; and the way numbers , currency, dates, and times, are formatted and displayed
control panal used to change and customize settings on the computer
ease of acess category conrol panel window that contains hardware and operating system settings for users with disabilities
hardware and sound category contains settings that let you manage hardware devices
mail setup used to create email accounts and directories, change settings for outlook files,
network and internet setup Control panel window that contains options used to help you connect to and view a nework, and network computers and devices, sync with other computers,and perform other networking tasks.
notification area Right side of the taskbar containing icons which you can use to change some settings.
program compabilty wizard Used to change the compatibility settings for a program that is not compatible with Windows vista
programs category Control Panel window that provides options to install, change, or remove software and windows components.
security category Control panel window that contains options used to check for windows updates and for windows security features.
startup program Runs automatically when you insert a Cd or another disk to install a program.
system and maitainece Control panel window that includes setting for a variety of system tasks.
system restore Feature that can be used to return the system files to an earlier point in time if the system becomes unstable.
system settings Options that pertain to the computer system and can only be changed with permission.
user account Control panel window that allows you to change user accounts and passwords, change a users mail profile, and change your windows password.
windows Cardspace Feature that provides a system for creating relationships with Webssits and online services that require payment
Created by: hayleyaguillard