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SLPA 3704 chapter 2

Anatomy of Respiration

Gas exchange is carried out by the ______, while the rib cage performs a protective function. Lungs
How does Speech Production occur ? Speech production occurs as a result of a vibration of a column of air in the upper respiratory passages This air vibration leads to a vibratory movement of the vocal folds (VFs)
Respiratory system The respiratory system is included within two cavities and the bony cage surrounding it The respiratory tract is subdivided into upper respiratory and lower respiratory tracts
What does the upper Respiratory system include? Nasal Cavitiy , Oral Cavity, Pharynx and Larynx
What does the lower Respiratory system include? Trachea, Bronchial tree and lungs
The two cavities are the thoracic cavity and the abdominal cavity separated by ______ ? The diaphram
What are the Two main components that make up the Skeletal system ? 1. Axial 2. Appendiculiar
What does the Axial division of the skeletal system include ? - Skull and associated bones Auditory ossicles Hyoid bones -Vertebral column: has five divisions: cervical, thoratic, lumbar, sacral, coccygeal -Thorax: Ribs sternum
What does the Appendicular division of the Skeletal system include? Pectoral girdle and Upper extremity bones -Pelvic girdle and lower extremity bones
Vertebrae are separated by what ? intervertebral discs (cartilage)
The vertebral column has an ____ shape curvature S- shape
How many cervical Vertebrae are there ? 7
How many thoracic vertebrae are there ? 12
How many Lumbar vertebrae are there ? 5
How many Sacrum vertebrae are there ? 5 fused
How many Coccyx vertebrae are there 3-4 fused
Name the First cervical Vertebrae ! Atlas: ring of bone, superior facets for occipital condyles, nodding movement at atlanto-occipital joint.
Name the Second Cerrvical Vertebrae ! Axis: pivotal movement at atlanto-axial joint
Pectoral Girdle Formed by the Clavical and the Scapula and connects upper limbs to the axial skeleton
Only the _______ attaches to the Thorax Clavicval
What are the largest and strongest vertebrae ? Lumbar and Sacral vertebrae becuase they support the weight of the body.
What vertebrae lack spinous processes and are fused together by ossified intervertebral discs? Sacral vertebrae, have no spinous processes and are fused together by ossified intervertebral discs forming the sacrum
How is the Spinal Canal formed ? The spinal canal is formed when all vertebral foramen are together.
Intervertebral foramen are _____vertebral notches together two
The Pelvic Girdle attached the ______ to the ______ The pelvic girdle attaches the lower limbs to the axial skeleton.
Each wing of the pelvic girdle is formed from a bone called the Hip Bone
The bony skeleton of the chest /thoracic cage or cavity) of the respiratory system includes (4 things) 1. verterbral column 2.Ribs and coastal cartilage: 1-7 are true ribs 8-10 are false 11-12 are floating 3. sternum which is connected to ribs 1-7 4. two clavical or coller bones.
Thoracis cage/ Cavity is formed by 12 pairs of ribs on both sides 12 thoracic vertebrae in the midline posteriorly, with costal cartilages Sternum in midline anteriorly. 7- true 3- false 2-floating
The bony skeleton is supported and connected together by muscles and ligaments forming which two cavities ? 1. Thoracic 2. Abdominal
Thoracis and abdominal cavity are separated by the ______? Diaphram
The thoracic cavity includes: lungs, heart, thoracic duct and major blood vessels
The abdominal cavity includes: mainly contains the stomach, intestine, liver, spleen and other abdominal viscera, blood vessels, lymphatics
External intercoastal muscles along with the diaphram form the main muscles of : Inspiration
There are 11 pairs and they originate from the lower surface of the rib above to the upper margin of the rib below in oblique downward direction. External intercoastal muscles
Contraction of the EIM elevate the whole rib cage with increase in the anterior-posterior as well as the side to side diameters of the thoracic cavity, that leads to increase the volume of the thoracic cavity, with subsequent decrease of pressure External intercoastal muscles
Internal intercoastal muscles 11 pairs of muscles that participate in expiration. Arise from the lower border of the rib above to the upper border of the rib below
Contraction of IIM brings the thoracic cage down with decreasing the diameter of the chest leading to decrease the thoracic volume and increase of the intrathoracic pressure leading to exhalation internal intercoastal muscles
What five systems are involved in speech production Respiratory , Phonatory , Articulatory, Nervous, Auditory
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