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DDC Key Terms 1-10

DDC Key Terms Lessons 1-10 Mr. Sonbuchner

5 How many letters and spaces is considered a word in typing.
Acronym A word form with the initial letters of other words.
Antonyms Words with the opposite meaning.
Autocorrect A word feature that automatically corrects common spelling errors as you type.
Autotext A word feature that lets you automatically insert selections of text or graphics into a document.
Caps Lock Keyboard key used to toggle uppercase letters and lowercase letters.
Case The specific use of upper- or lowercase letters.
Database An organized collection of records.
Default A standard or mode of operation.
Delivery Address The recipient's (person receiving mail) address printed on the center of an envelope.
Dialog box A box that appears when you select certain commands, giving the user the ability to select options for a command or task.
Document Properties Categories of information about a document.
Document Window The area that frames the document contents.
Double Space To hit the enter key twice leaving one blank line.
Email A method of sending communication from one computer to another across the Internet or Intranet.
Email Address The string of characters that identifies the name and location of an Email user.
Font A set of characters with a specific typeface, size, and style.
FTP File Transfer Protocol, used to upload and download pictures to and from web servers.
Full Block A document that is aligned entirely to the left.
hlight To display text in different colors than surrounding text.
Home The main page of a website.
HTML Hypertext Markup Language, this is the programming language of the World Wide Web.
Insert Mode The method of operation used for inserting new text within existing text in a document.
Template A semi-completed document with which you can create a new document.
Thesaurus A listing of words with synonyms and antonyms.
Toggle A listing of words with synonyms and antonyms.
Toolbar A long bar or row of buttons that represent various commands.
View The way a document is displayed on the screen.
Web Browser A program designed to view data on the Web. Examples Safari (Used in class) Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.
Word Wrap A feature that causes text to move automatically from the end of one line to the beginning of the next line.
World Wide Web A part of the Internet that display graphics, text, pictures and animations in to be viewed with a browser.
Zoom A tool that allows you to adjust the size of the document window.
Created by: TwoTew1999