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Biology Test 1

Study Guide for Biology Test 1 BJU

The scientific term for a living thing is a(an) _____________________. organism
All living things are ___________________. cellular
What is the simplest level at which life may exist? a cell
Are all cells alike? No, they are very different
All cells perform various jobs or ________________. functions
What surrounds a cell and separates it from its environment? Plasma Membrane
What is the difference between unicellular and multicellular organisms? unicellular is one/multicellular is multiple cells
Give an example of a multicellular organism and an example of a unicellular organism. unicellular=bacteria multicellular=animal
Multicellular organisms can be organized into what other levels? Tissue, Organs, Systems
What are some of the specific results in the Fall which will lead to death in Man. viruses, bacteria, aging
Examine these 2 organisms *look at picture in guide* Which one is unicellular and which is multicellular (label each)? 1. Pond organism (under a microscope) 2. Crab 1. unicellular 2. multicellular
Define reproduction. the production of an offspring
Must EVERY member of a particular species (one kind of organism) be able to reproduce in order for the species to survive? Explain why or why not. No, b/c if one breed of dogs become extinct, not all dogs will.
What would happen if all individuals in a species were sterile (not able to have babies)? They would become extinct.
Reproduction is NOT essential for the survival of an individual ____________ but is essential for the survival of the ______________. organism; species
What is meant by extinction? The animals kind is gone forever
Name and define the two basic kinds of reproduction. Sexual - requires two cells (sperm and egg); Asexual - single organism reproducing
Identify which organisms are reproducing sexually and which are reproducing asexually. *use pictures to label* 1. bacteria 2. hydra 3. sea urchin 1. asexual 2. budding 3. sexual
How do all organisms begin life? single cell
What is the difference between growth, assimilation and development? Growth - increase in amount of living materials and formation of new structures; Assimilation - assembling of the component parts that make up their living material; Development - growing and taking on the characteristics of their species
Do unicellular organisms GROW? Do unicellular organisms DEVELOP? Yes & No
Do multicellular organisms GROW? Do multicellular organisms DEVELOP? Yes & Yes
Identify which graphic BEST shows growth and which BEST shows development. 1. Grasshopper eggs to Nymph to Young Adult to Adult to Eggs and repeats or 2. Butterfly eggs to Larva to Chrysalis to Adult about to emerge to Adult to Eggs and repeats 1. Growth 2. Development
How is the growth of a living thing different from the growth of a nonliving thing? Adding cells/ Assimilation
Define energy. Ability to do work
Why is energy important to a living organism? It powers life.
What is the difference between an autotroph and a heterotroph? Autotroph=gets its energy from the sun; Heterotroph=gets its energy from food
What is the name of the process that plants use to make their own food using energy from the sun? Photosynthesis
Identify each of the organisms below as either a heterotroph or an autotroph. *use diagrams* 1. pacific viperfish 2. something else? 1. heterotroph 2. autotroph
What are some environmental factors (stimuli) that organisms respond to? Air, weather, temp, water, organisms in the area
Organisms must also respond to _____________ factors in order to stay healthy and survive. irritability
What are two internal factors that organisms respond to? body temp and hormone levels
Give two examples from the reading of how living things respond to changes in their environment. Pupils constricting in the sun and sweating to cool your body temp
If light is applied to a human eye, how does it respond? it constricts (becomes smaller)
Describe homeostasis. The regulation of an organism's internal environment to maintain conditions suitable for life.
Identify the feature of life________________ "that boy shot up five inches in only one year." Growth
Identify the feature of life _______________ "Our cat had a litter of kittens yesterday." Reproduction
Identify the feature of life _______________ "My dog has become much less clumsy now that he is a year old." Maturity
Identify the feature of life ______________ "Eat a good breakfast and you will be able to run longer." Energy
Identify the feature of life ______________ "When that car pulled in the driveway, my cat ran to hide under the porch." Responding to environment
Identify the feature of life _______________ "That owl's night vision allows it to see the movement of mice on even the darkest night." ?
Identify the feature of life _______________ "Single-celled organisms live in the pond behind school." unicellular
Identify the feature of life ______________ Your body normally maintains a temperature of 98.6 degrees. Homeostasis
Identify the feature of life _______________ A giraffe uses its long neck to eat from the high branches of a tree. Obtain energy
_______________ is another name for "living thing." Organism
Stimulus or Response? The recess bell ringing in an elementary school Stimulus
Stimulus or Response? Your mouth watering at the sight of food on a plate. Response
Stimulus or Response? A sudden drop in air temperature. Stimulus
Stimulus or Response? A flu virus entering your body Stimulus
Stimulus or Response? Getting "butterflies" in your stomach before giving a speech Response
Living or Nonliving? Rust eating a hole in a metal bucket Nonliving
Living or Nonliving? An apple on a tree Living
Living or Nonliving? Bacteria Living
Living or Nonliving? Lightning Nonliving
Living or Nonliving? A dinosaur fossil Nonliving
Living or Nonliving? A wasp Living
Biology is ______________________________________________. the study of life
Living things are called __________________. organisms
What are 8 characteristics of ALL LIVING THINGS? 1. Living things are composed of cells 2. Have different levels of organization 3. Use energy 4. Respond to environment 5. Grow 6. Reproduce 7. Adapt to environment 8. Die
Is a dog made of cells? vs Is a fast moving steam made of cells? Yes; No
Does a dog use energy? vs Does a fast moving stream use energy? Yes; Yes
Does a dog respond and adjust to changes? vs Does a fast moving stream respond and adjust to changes? Yes; Yes
Does a dog reproduce? vs Does a fast moving stream reproduce? Yes; No
Does a dog grow and develop? bs Does a fast moving stream grow and develop? Yes; No/Yes
List the level of organization in order from simplest to most complex Nonliving: Atom-Molecules-Organelle Living: Cell - Tissue - Organ - System - Organism - Population - Community - Ecosystem - Biosphere
Atom/Molecule Smallest part of an element or compound
Organ A group of similar tissues working together like the heart or lungs
Population A group of one kind of organism living in an area
Biosphere All living and nonliving things on earth
Cell Smallest level at which life exists
Organelle Parts of a cell such as the nucleus
Community Several populations of organisms living together
Biome All the living and nonliving things living in a similar environment such as a desert
Tissue Group of similar cells working together
Organism A living thing that may be unicellular or multicellular
Organisms that CAN"T photosynthesize and must get their energy by eating other organisms are called __________________. heterotrophs
______________ reproduction produces offspring by combining the genetic information from 2 parents Sexual
An organism like a green plant that can make its own food is called a(an) ____________________. autotroph
The development of an embryonic stem cell into a nerve, muscle, skin or blood cell is called ______________________. differentiation
Humans are ____________ & ________________. Multicellular; Heterotrophs
Growing a new plant by breaking off a piece of an existing plant and sprouting it, is an example of ______________ reproduction. asexual
Shivering when you get too cld is an example of which two concepts you learned about? A. evolution B. metabolism C. homeostasis D. differentiation E. stimulus-response C; E
A signal to which an organism responds ______________. stimulus
Anther name for a living thing is _______________. organism
The "science of life" that studies all living things is called ____________ biology
The process by which organisms as a group change over time; Process by which modern organisms have descended from ancient organisms evolution
The process in which cells change as they grow and develop to become specialized with different functions Differentiation
A set of chemical reactions through which an organism builds up or breaks down materials as it carries out its life processes metabolism
Process by which organisms maintain a relatively stable internal environment homeostasis
Involves using energy within a cell Metabolism
Organisms producing more of its own kind Reproduction
Passing of characteristics from parent to offspring Inheritance
When a cell adds structure to itself Growth
Shivering in response to the cold Homeostasis
Scientific Method order (conclusion, observation, hypothesis, experimentation) Observation - Hypothesis - Experimentation - Conclusion
A group separated from the rest of the experiment where the independent variable being tested cannot influence the results Control Group
The group where the experimental procedures are performed Experimental Group
An element that can change Variable
An element whose variation does not depend on another Independent variable
An element whose value depends on another Dependent variable
Name two ways that scientists can communicate the results of their experiments. Publish findings in scientific journals and giving presentations
What type of microscope is used to enlarge the image of a cell so it can be seen? Compound
What are the 2 types of electron microscopes? Transmission and scanning
What type of microscope shows the surface only of an object? Scanning
What type of microscope shows a 3-dimensional image of an object? Transmission
Which type of microscope can view LIVING cells ---Compound or Electron Microscope? compound
If the eyepiece lens magnifies an object 10x and the objective lens magnifies 30x, what is the TOTAL magnification on this power? 300x (x meaning times)
Created by: bgpalmers
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