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some of the basics

Oedipus stands for swollen foot
Tiresius Blind seer
Where Oedipus thought he was from Corinth
mother/wife Jocasta
Purification or purging of emotions Catharsis
O's bro-in-law Creon
Excessive pride Hubris
Told Oedipus "good" news of his dad Messenger
O's real father Laius
Delphi Where Apollo's oracle is
Delphic Morality Know theyself, nothing in excess, punishment is near
Reader knows things the characters don't dramatic irony
Man Oedipus thinks is his dad Polybus
Monster with riddle Sphinx
walks on four in monring, two in afternoon, three in evening man
Setting Thebes, City of Light
Condition of city during the play a plague, barren, and death of crops, livestock, people
Who represents the town Chorus
Murdered man King Laius
punishment for killer banishment
hanged Jocasta
blinded Oedipus
saved Oedipus when he was a child Shepherd
What acts are called episodes
seeing place theatron
when plays were acted Festival of Dionysus
what the actors wore robes (chitons), platform shoes (Cothurni), and masks
male actors
O' sacred city, O' sweetly worded voice is an example of ... apostrophe
Light vs darkness/sight vs blindness means knowledge vs ignorance, an archetype
prologue opening, introduction
father of drama Thespis
stasimon choral ode at end of each episode
exodos final action
skene where costumes were changed and where background is displayed
strophe chorus moves from right to left
antistrophe chorus moves from left to right
Outcast because of "sins" he is banished and has to wander from place to place
has noble birth, raised away from home, not sure of his family, returns and saves kingdom, suffers great tragedy, has flaw Hero
Scapegoat blamed for the sins of others
Know thyself, Nothing in Excess, Punishment is near Delphic Morality
search for some "thing" or knowledge that will retore the kingdom the Quest/Journey
stichomythia rapid back and forth dialogue
Connotation the suggested meaning behind a word, ex. shrimp meaning small
an expressing that can't be translated word-for-word in another lanugage idiom, ex. I'm sitting at the crib chillin'.
words, phrases, and events are pleasing to the ear, ex. She screamed loudly, tore at her hair, and hanged herself. Magic three
O's fake mom Merope
Parodos/ode First thing the chorus sings
prologue opening scene
Sophocles author
Created by: housej



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