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Our Town


incongruous inappropriate
incoherent making no sense
incensed very angry
innocuous harmless
insipid uninteresting
irascible very easily provoked
indignation righteous anger
jubilation feeling of joy
lugubrious gloomy
Mesozoic the era when the Appalachian Mountains were elevated; reptiles and dinosaurs were numerous, but became extinct when violent disturbances brought the era to an end
meteorological having to do with the atmosphere and weather
maudlin overly sentimental
mournful grief stricken
morose depressed
misanthropist pessimist
melancholy sad
nostalgic wistful for times past
nonplussed confused
pensive thoughtful
philanthropist generous patron
philatelist stamp collector
proscenium the section of a stage in front of the curtain
phosphate drink made of soda water and flavoring
pince-nez eye glasses held on the nose by a spring
Pleistocene the great ice age
prostrate face down
plaintive mournful
rhapsodies musical compositions
savant a learned person
spurious false
somber serious
surly rude
solemnity seriousness
skirmish small battle
sacrilege blasphemy
sacraments religious rites
trellis frame of latticework used for growing climbing plants
tableau picture
unobtrusively subtly
vestiges surviving evidence
vita a biography; fresh start after an emotional experience
whinnies neighs of a horse
wistful thoughtful longing
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