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Business Chp 5

Chp 5 Vocab

Privileges and Immunities Clause prevents state from imposing unreasonable burdens on citizens of another state
Full-faith & credit clause applies only to civil matters--ensures any judicial decision will be honored and enforced in all states ex. wills
The Commerce Clause gives congress the power to regulate interstate commerce between nations and states and indian tribes
Supremacy Clause in case of direct conflict between state and federal law, state is invalid
Preemption in the event of a concurrent powers, the federal government will have exclusive rights
symbolic speech gestures, movements, clothing, or expressive forms of conduct are considered protective forms of speech
corporate political speech corporations can spend freely to support or oppose candidates for President
Commercial Speech courts give substantial protection to corporate advertising
Unprotected speech slander, fighting words, pornography, obscurity
Establishment Clause prohibits government from establishing a state sponsor religion
Free exercise clause cannot force people to do something against their religion. Employers must reasonable accommodate
Due process procedures or actions or laws depriving an individual of her rights must be fair and equitable
privacy rights fundamental right not expressly found in the constitution, allow individuals to obtain info on themselves
Patriot Act after 9/11 created to provide info to prevent further attacks
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