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OS Key Terms (3)

Answer File XML script that provides the Windows 7 Setup program with the info it needs to perform an unattended installation.
Build-to-order (BTO) Computer with customized settings to fit the persons needs and wants.
Build-to-plan (BTP) Computer with general settings that most people want.
Capture Image A bootable image that you can deploy using WDS, and which includes a wizard-based client that runs on the reference computer and enables you to capture an image and upload it back to the WDS server.
Configuration Passes Windows Setup program splits the Windows 7 installation process into 7 of these phases.
Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM.exe) A command line tool that installers can use to mount, edit, and upgrade image files in the Windows Imaging format.
Discover Image A customized boot image that you burn to a disk that enables a workstation to boot Windows PE and connect to the WDS server.
Image File A copy of the data stored on the reference computer's drives.
ImageX.exe A command-line tool that installers can use to capture, modify, and apply image files in the Windows Imaging format. (.wim file)
Lite-touch Installation (LTI) Deployment that requires some interaction at the target workstation.
Multicasting A TCP/IP methodology that enables a computer to transmit the same data to multiple destinations at the same time.
Reference Computer A template for a workstation configuration; a model containing all of the software the workstation requires; installed, configured, and ready to use.
System Preparation (Sysprep.exe) A command-line program that installers can use to prepare Windows 7 for imaging, auditing, and deployment.
Task Sequence Can include answer files, but also can perform additional tasks both before and after the Windows 7 installation.
User State Migration Tool (USMT) A set of two command-line programs. Scanstate.exe and Loadstate.exe, that installers can use to save user profile data from an existing workstation and restore that data to a newly-installed computer running Windows 7.
Windows System Image Manager (SIM) create distribution shares and answer files that automate and customize Windows 7 installations.
Zero-touch installation (ZTI) Deployment that requires no interaction at the target workstation.
Created by: BCrahan13