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Junior Certificate Bus Studies Acronyms & Abreviations

COD Cash on Delivery
VAT Value Added Tax
PRSI Pay Related Social Insurance
USC Universal Social Charge
CWO Cash With Order
NAMA National Asset Management Agency
B-I-K Benefit in Kind
SEM Search Engine Marketing
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
PAYE Pay As You Earn
E-Mail Electronic Mail
SIPTU Services, Industrial and Professional Trade Union
ROCE Return On Capital Employed
CAD Computer Aided Design
ASAI Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland
R/D Return to Drawer
DVD Digital Versatile Disk
CPI Consumer Price Index
EU European Union
HRM Human Resource Management
ICTU Irish Congress of Trade Unions
Dr. Debit
CPU Central Processing Unit
APR Annual Percentage Rate
CAR Compound Annual Rate
GNP Gross National Product
ATM Automated Teller Machine
PIN Personal Identification Number
b/d brought down
c/d carried down
VDU Visual Display Unit
PC Personal Computer
WWW World Wide Web
RAM Random Access Memory
DIRT Deposit Interest Retention Tax
E&OE Errors & Ommissions Excepted
Created by: franksstacks
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