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stoy 4,5,6

voiced wordsigned word
probably maybe
overwhelming high (letter H goes upward)
to view view (cl x3)
original/once/which before
industry business
sight things
sights flower+filed
gimmick program
the mecca center
ghost town g-h-o-s-t t-o-w-n (#8 fingers swirl close)
chance way
enticing tempt
have ever during
vandalized people steal
suffer problem
of the beautiful beautiful
weight reduction weight+ lose
of the who
was/been/from/no more than what
who people
hyave now
had have +finish
house/with have
stand empty #8 fingers slide down
obesity o-b-e-s-e (cl for Large)
statistics research
large (cl)
deteriorating loss/shape
due to why
through 5 hand shape CL thru fingers
quick fast
lack of none
center CL b hand shape touch middle of flat nd hand
handy ready
show prove
to take a picture (cl Take pic x1)
elite rich(s to 5) + people
don't not
care keep
so profusely field
boarded up CL nail in 4 nails into flat b shape ndh
bright clear
that/seen finish
stopped along the roadside CL #3 car hand shape pull over
that it was/who/simply true
accompanied and
eating habits eat
field soil-spread
work success
carefully strict
offers that
them filed+flowers
according to follow
experts research
big (Cl)
are back repeat
it weight
to their they+ that
a few few +people
keep stay/continue
manage successful
are back repeat.again
offers that
Created by: ericawashere