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OT Interventions

Types of OT inverventions

Occupation-based intervention Client engages in client-directed occupations that match identified goals. EX: Dressing, feeding, writing letter, meal prep., care of pets, play (when play is goal), shoe tying.
Purposeful activity Client engages in specifically selected activities that allow the client to develop skills that enhance occupational engagement. EX: grasp and release activities, tossing and catching ball, scooping beads to work on spoon use, handwriting worksheets.
Preparatory methods Practitioner selects directed methods and techniques that prepare the client for occupational performance. Used in prep for or concurrently w/purposeful and occupation-based activities. EX: physical engagement modalities (ultrasound, hot pack, splinting)
Consultation The OT provides education/recommendations w/out direct intervention. EX: Common in school-based practice w/ classroom-level interventions, as well as early intervention w/ providing recommendations for families to carry out at home. (for whole family)
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