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Tech Comm terms

Api's Means Application Program Interface. People can connect to professionals over the internet and use their tools instead of the new business trying to do it all by themselves. “A good api provides building blocks that can be turned into new programs
Augmented Reality An app that lets someone point ones smart phone device and take a picture of that item, it can be an unknown restaurant or an item in a shop. when you take the picture the information about that object pops up on your screen to tell you about it.
Apps a self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose; an application, esp. as downloaded by a user to a mobile device.
Big Data catchphrase for large amounts of data.Often so big that its very difficult to process using traditional database and software techniques.Doesn’t always refer to the volume of the data it often refers to the technology required to handle the data
BitTourent Distribution system for transferring files across people.As you download a file it places what you download on upload for other users.when multiple people are downloading the same file at the same time they upload pieces of the file to each other.
Blog Short for Weblog, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal?journal for an individual. Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author. They let ordinary people become reporters.
Cloud Computing Accessible through the web. they have tons of usable downloading space. you can only pay for what you use.It uses your browser, its always backed up and accessible through any internet source.
Computer hardware Computers have the same basic parts.All have: hard drive,like a basement.RAM, like an upstairs closet it makes it easier to access than a basement.Processor,butler, sends/receives information completes tasks.Faster processor = faster computer.
Computer networks Many users can travel through connections.Allows networks to connect to other networks.when connecting to the internet your computer = node in network of computers.they connect/share information.Each computer = node.Protocols=rules that let the nodes
Computer Software Translator so that we the users can communicate with the computer what we need.Computer without software is useless.Operating system covers the basics.Windows Macs = Software programs.Can edit a photo to design a house you can personalize your computer.
Computer Viruses A program/piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without you knowing.Viruses can duplicate.Computer viruses = man-made.A virus that can make a copy of itself over and over again is easy to produce.A simple virus is dangerous! kills your computer.
Copyright & Creative Commons Copyright = having the right to create/own material that you create,people have to ask for your permission to use it. CC = a way to publish photos so people can use the photos that aren't copyrighted.The users cant use them for commercials/attribution.
Crowdsourcing You can use the people around you as sources, for money and resources.
Email A way to Mail a virtual letter to someone else. All your "letters" are saved in the clouds.
Image Resolution/Pixals Pixels are like yarn in blankets,you cant enlarge or stretch a picture of a blanket. Image resolution decreases the more you stretch a small picture. without making it blurry or useless.
Online Photo Sharing Websites like Flicker allow you to download pictures to your album, and to organize them with tags.in case of fire your pics are safe, in case of computer shutdown they are safe on the internet cloud.And others can see them, public or private.
Phishing Scams Is a page what is made to look like your bank statement but is not actually your bank.Crooks make a fake webpage that looks like your bank and ask for your bank password and account info. when you type it in its handing over all your info to the crooks.
Plagiarism Passing off ideas that aren't yours as your own is plagiarism.
Podcasting Personal On Demand.Allows people to capture shows and take them with you to watch them somewhere else even when the show is over.
Protecting Reputations Online What you post today gets scanned to make it easier to find on the web. even if you remove the picture it can still be found later probably on a different site.
QR Codes Is a shortcut that prevents the cashier from looking up each item's price. Even if taken from your phone it lets you go to a short cut with tons of information about what you scanned.Quick response codes.
RSS Now new things from blogs come to your computer and notify you, instead of you looking on the website. sign up for a news reader so that you can subscribe to your fav site and get updates on your reader.
SEO Search engine optimization. Google and bing scan each web page allowing them to know exactly what's on the page, allowing you to find the best answer.
Secure Passwords httpS or a padlock in the corners.color in the address bar, green is good red is a bad website.
Secure Websites httpS or a padlock in the corners.colo
Sharepoint like a shared google doc, many people can see the same information, it connects everyone and their information. It connects to a companies or your own systems to access previous documents and connections.
Social Bookmarking Is a website that saves the website you like, “Delicious.com” tag allows you to save the site.Its all saved in a list of your tags. Tags allow you to sort your bookmarks. They are public bookmarks. Other people can see what websites you find.
Social Media Is a way to give feedback to others. New opportunities to tell others about your experiences and tell them about yours so you know what you are getting yourself into
Social Media and the Workplace Organizations often monitor things that are said about them.Companies have people monitoring lots of medias.Employees talk to customers over the media. After answering a complaint the employees answer can be seen on search engines/people see their answer.
Social Networking Hep you see connections that are hidden in the real world, you can add a friend that has the same interests as you on a website. And you can see your friends friends and your friends friends friends, more connections!
Facebook Allows you to keep up with people and meet new friends, organizations and groups. You can find out tons of interesting updates everyday about the things you like.
Twitter allows you to share little things about your life. Lets friends see what your upto. You get updates from friends when you click the follow button. allows you to see little clips of your friends everyday lives.
Twitter for Business Twitter helps you follow what’s going on in the world. tweets allow businesses to connect with you and tell you what’s going on in their company. People can follow businesses and can tell something like where your fav food truck is.
Twitter Search Captures/organizes specific tweets allowing you to find people/see what they're talking about.You search for a company all the tweets that are posted about that company will pop up allowing you to see what's said about the company. News as it happens.
VPN virtual private network.It connects employees and a company.Its downloaded on your computer that allows people to sign in to companies network.The data is encrypted while transferring to the company.Until getting the headquarters the info = useless.
Web Browser Software enables you to edit and easy to navigate through web pages. type an address in the search bar to find what info you want. (top bar on google).
Web Search Strategies Be specific! when you search a word it displays all the pages with that word. Describe it this narrows the webpages down. Put “” around words to keep the phrase of words instead of sand shark = sand or sharks do “sand shark” to get a sand shark.
Website Cookies are apart of everything you do on the web. it has info on you like a passport stamp, when you return to a site that site can use cookies to remember you.
Website Evaluation Do you recognize the author or website, look for many of the same facts on multiple sites. Consider the author's goals or biases.
Wikipedia Is a good way to find new key words, its not always trust worthy, people can post their opinions on there easily. But people hired by wikipedia are constantly verifying the facts posted, if you are known for posting false facts they might block you.
Wikis Using a wiki you can communicate with a group and share info. like sharing a google doc.except its a website. you can insert links to go to different pages
WWW world wide web
Created by: akinsinger