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What feature can generate a series of values of cells into another series value of cells Auto Fill
From anywhere on the worksheet, what is a shortcut to move to cell A1 Ctrl + Home
Move active cell one position to the right TAB or Right Arrow
Move left One cell Shift + Tab
What is a Function? A pre-written formula
The process of changing the appearance of cells? Formatting
Copy the format of one cells to other cells Format painter
The background colors in cells are called Fill Color
Chart used for comparison purposes Column Chart
Displays in-between columns between page breaks Dotted line
Default setting for new excel workbook contains how many worksheets three
Symbols used to specify the calculation to be used in the formula Operations
To make cell reference absolute put $ in front of it (F7)
Use this particular command to display text on two lines within the cell Wrap Text
Only contains a chart in a worksheet Chart sheet
what dialogue box is used to insert a footer in a chart sheet Page set up
Microsoft office Help F1
In an access table each column is referred to as a Field
In Access each row is called a Record
Characters that defines the kind of data that can be entered into a field Data Type
What data type would be a telephone number TEXT
To organize database objects go to the Navigation Pane
Access view that displays the table data in columns and rows Data Sheet View
The Access view that displays the underlying structure of an object Design View
Tables specific field names are displayed where? Top of the Column
The field that uniquely identifies the field in a table Primary Key
What does a form do for you Simplifies the entry of data into a table
Database that retrieves specific data from one or more tables Query
What is the purpose of the navigation pane? Organize your data base objects
Facts about people, events, things or idea Data (Access)
Text or numbers in a cell Data (Excel)
An organized collection of facts about people, events and ideas related to a particular topic or purpose Database
Data that has be organized in a useful manner Information
The basic parts of a database, which includes tables, forms, queries, reports and macros Objects
The horizontal placement of text within a place holder Template
A worksheet is always stored in a work book True
When you save a workbook each worksheet has a different file name False
Cell Address of the active cell always display in the formulas bar False (name box)
Formula is an equation that performs mathematically True
Words that are not commonly used can be added to the dictionary True
You cannot create formulas on excel False
Make sure to be able to save all files in excel before you close True
Make sure to be able to save all files in access before you close False
Once a workbook has been closed you can open it to work on it later True
Page orientation relates to how data will be positioned on the paper itself True
Insert a row by right-clicking a row and the clicking entire row True
what is a theme A set of unified design elements that provideds a look for your presentation by using colors, font and graphics
what would you select to resize a graphic sizing handles
Start a slide show F5 or ctrl + shift + s
What is the purpose of access A database managment system
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