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Our Town 1- 43

Mrs. Shaw's 11 ADV ENG

aloof detached and unfriendly
anomalous irregular
armoire cupboard
affronted insulted
affirmed declared; confirmed
aforementioned stated previously
attenuated reduced in force
affixed attached
burdock also known as cocklebur, a coarse weed with a bur
belligerent hostile; combative
brachiocephalic short-headed, with the breadth of the head at least four-fifths of its length
bleats whining and complaining
buoyant able to float
benevolence kindness
botanist scientist who studies plants
bereaved grieving
Canuck a demeaning term for a Canadian
careening lurching
catcalls jeers; mocking remarks
cynicism pessimism; sarcasm
crestfallen greatly disappointed
commonplace ordinary
cerements grave clothes
diligent careful; deliberate
Devonian the time period that began with dry continents, which later flooded, with sediment that was to form old red sandstone being laid down; during this period, there were many fish in the sea; amphibians such as frogs appeared; ferns and fernlike trees
dour stern and unfriendly
doleful unhappy; miserable
defunct useless; out of date
evangelist a preacher of the gospel; itinerant preacher
exasperated frustrated
euphoric overjoyed
ebullient cheerful
extant existing
ebb outgoing
felonious illegal
feisty spunky
farce exaggerated humor
flora plants of a region
flux flowing or flow
heliotrope plant with white or purple flowers that turn toward the sun
highboy tall chest of drawers on legs
harbingers someone or something that announces the approach of someone or something
heresies religious opinions other than accepted doctrine
Created by: shaws