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Hinduism 1

Insiders and Outsiders

Five Common Concepts of South Asian Religions Enlightenment Reincarnation Dharma Love of and attachment to worldly desires Karma
Enlightenment The spiritual goal of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.
Reincarnation Ongoing rebirth or transmigration into new life form until Enlightenment is reached, then rebirth stops.
Dharma The beliefs and behaviors that lead to Enlightenment
Love of and attachment to worldly desires Beliefs and behaviors that lead to Reincarnation.
Karma The cause and effect Law of Moral Conservation that leads to Reincarnation and ultimately to Enlightenment.
Materiality Physical
Spirituality Non-physical
Brahman The Hindu name for God, the creator of the world. Brahman is impersonal; 1 truth, but many paths to it.
Atman The soul within the self and all world objects. All Atman are of the same essence as Brahman. Separate souls do not exist as in the case of the monotheistic religions of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
Spiritual Goal Return Atman to Brahman through reincarnation cycles that end in moksha.
Moksha Enlightenment
Epistemology A way of knowing or the study of how the subjective mind can gain knowledge of the outside world.
Ontology Reality; what actually exists outside the subjective mind's experience of it.
Religion Transformation in response to perceived ultimacy.
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