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art terms

medium Material used to create art
elements of art Basic visual symbols in the language of art principles of design Rules that govern how an artist organizes the elements in a work of art
artwork A visual expression of an idea or experience created with skill
fine art Art meant to be experienced visually
applied art Art designed to serve an everyday purpose, like a piece of jewelry
aesthetics The philosopy or study of the nature and value of art - the criteria used to judge an artwork
art criticism An organized, step-by-step method for studying a work of art
description The first step in the four steps of art criticism - describe the work using the elements of art
analysis The second step in the four steps of art criticism - talk about the work's composition using the principles
interpretation The third step in the four steps of art criticism - talk about the meaning, mood, or message of a work of art
Judgment The fourth step in the four steps of art criticism - decide if the work is successful or not
pinching A hand-building method of forming the clay between the fingers and the thumb
subject An image a viewer can easily identify in a work of art
ceramics The art of making pottery or sculpture using clay
bone dry A piece must be in this completely dry state before going in to the kiln
bas relief A sculpture only raised slightly from the background
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