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Review Single Herbs

Comp Review List

Jin Ying Zi Astringent Sour, Astringent, Neutral UB, KD, Li
Sha Ren Aromatics for Damp Acrid, Warm, Aromatic SP, ST
Chai Hu Disperse Wind-Heat Bitter, Acrid, Cool GB, LV, PC, SJ
Bie Jia Yin Tonic Salty, S.Cold LV, SP
Fu Pen Zi Astringent Sweet, Astringent, Neutral KD, LV
Mai Men Dong Yin Tonic Sweet, S.Bitter, S.Cold HT, LU, ST
Ba Ji Tian Yang Tonic Acrid, Sweet, S.Warm KD only
Hei Zhi Ma Yin Tonic Sweet, Neutral KD, LV, Li
Gou Ji Yang Tonic Bitter, Sweet, Warm KD, LV
Bai He Yin Tonic Sweet, S.Bitter, S.Cold LU, HT
Xu Duan Yang Tonic Bitter, Sweet, Acrid, S.Warm KD, LV
Yuan Zhi Nourish and Calm Shen Bitter, Acrid, S.Warm HT, LU
Huang Qin Clear Damp Heat Bitter, Cold LU, ST, GB, Li
Zi Wan Stop Cough and Wheeze Acrid, Bitter, S.Warm LU only
Cang Zhu Aromatics for Damp Acrid, Bitter, Warm SP, ST
Xiang Fu Regulate Qi Acrid, S.Bitter, S.Sweet, Neutral LV, Si, GB
Sha Ren Aromatics For Damp Acrid, Warm, Aromatic SP, ST
Pi Pa Ye Stop Cough and Wheeze Bitter, Neutral LU, ST
Chen Pi Regulate Qi Acrid, Bitter, Warm, Aromatic LU, SP, ST
Tan Xiang Regulate Qi Acrid, Warm, Aromatic LU, SP, ST
Huang Lian Clear Damp Heat Bitter, Cold HT, Li, LV, ST
Jie Geng Dissolve Cold Phlegm Bitter, Acrid, Neutral LU only
Ti Si Zi Yang Tonic Acrid, Sweet, Neutral LV, KD
Gui Ban Yin Tonic Salty, Sweet, Cold HT, KD, LV
Created by: DOCRAIN