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lesson 6 hea

algorithm a set of clearly defined , logiacl steps that solve a problem
application software helps the end user perform a specific task; also called a productivity software
beta testing a process that releases commercial software in development to a cross-section of typical users who evaluate the program and report any problems or "bugs" in the softwarebefore it is released to the public
bundle ware software included with the purchase of a new computer
flowchart shows different paths the program will take depending on what data is imputted
inputting the process of using an input device to eneter data
network liscense given an organization the right to install a program on a sever that acn be accessed by a specific number of computers
operating systems provide an interface between the usetr or application program and the computer hardware
patch applied over software that is already installed to fix a problem
service pack downloadable fix for a software problem
single-user liscence gives the user the riht to install the software on a single computer
software programming code written to provide instructions to the hardware so it can perform tasks
software as service (SaaS) softwrae delivery method where an application is liscenced for a use as a sevice
software development a multistep process of writing computer programs to perform a task more efficently and/or effectively
software liscence gives user permission to use a program
software piracy the unaurthorized copying of software
system softaware the opertaing system and all utilty programs that manage computer resoures at low level
update minor improvements and modifications to some of the software's features
upgrades revised version of a software program that requires the purchase of a newer version of the software
web applications programs without platforms constraints or installTION REQUIREMENTS that re acessed through Web browser over a network such as the Internet or an intranet
Created by: hayleyaguillard
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